If you are planning to land at Treviso Airport, you may want to have a look at our article, where we are going to indicate all the available solutions to get to Venice.

We are going to focus more on public transport, but there are also some private solutions that you may want to take a look at.

How to get from Treviso Airport to Venice city center: all the options available

how to get from treviso canova airport to venice city center - Foto di Isa KARAKUS da Pixabay

Buses and trains, but also taxis: here you'll find a complete updated guide on which are the easiest solutions to go from Treviso Canova airport to the center of Venice.

From Treviso airport to Venice by ATVO buses: the most selected way to reach Venice

The bus company connecting Treviso airport with Piazzale Roma in Venice is ATVO. The bus stop is just in front of the airport, in Via Noalese.

How to book the tickets? You can buy them at the airport, while you are on board or online. The ticket costs 12 euros per way and includes the transfer of one luggage per person.

If you want to save money, this is the most comfortable way to get from Treviso airport to Piazzale Roma.

In case your accommodation is in Mestre, the bus makes 2 stops before arriving in Venice: Corso del Popolo (Mestre's main road) and Mestre train station.

From Treviso airport to Venice by train: the cheapest way

Even though it's less expensive, reaching Venice by train from the airport of Treviso is more complicated.

In fact, the closest train station to the airport is actually in Treviso city center and it's called Treviso Centrale. That's why before catching your train to Venice you have to catch a bus first.

There is the possibility to buy an integrated ticket that combines the bus to the station with the train to Venice. The cost of a one way ticket is 7,70 euros per person, including one luggage.

Please remember that it takes 20 minutes to reach the station and 40 minutes by train to arrive in Venice. The shuttle bus from the airport to the station runs from 6.30 AM to 10.00 PM and it is provided by the MOM bus company.

Another option to reach Venice: the shared transfer

GoOpti guarantees private and shared transfer 24/7 at the lowest prices.

You can just check the availability at their website, decide between the different options and proceed with the payment.

It's a popular method to go to Piazzale Roma from Treviso airport for those who prefer not taking the train or the bus.

Private taxi from Treviso airport to Piazzale Roma

The taxi service in Treviso is provided by Radio Taxi Treviso. You can book them through their mobile APP or simply calling the +39 0422431515.

If you need more details about the applied rates, you should ask the staff in charge before getting on board.

Of course this is the most expensive transfer option we have listed in the article.

We hope to see you soon in Venice and, in the meantime, remember to organize and book your transfer service in advance!

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