If you want to explore the Christmas markets in Venice, this is the right place to start!

Venice has a very interesting tradition related to Christmas markets. There have always been many markets spread throughout the city. The most popular ones were the ones in Palazzo Zenobio (Dorsoduro), San Polo and of course the one close to Campo Santo Stefano.

After what has happened in the last couple of years, however, there have been some changes so that, if you come to Venice this year, you will experience some differences.

Nevertheless, Venice Christmas markets are still organized in the most funny and entertaining way. Let's find out where you can visit them this year!

Christmas markets in Venice: where you have to go to find the most beautiful ones

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Indeed we love celebrating December 25th in Venice. In fact, there are so many things you can do here during this magical period.

The streets are beautifully decorated by Christmas lights and everywhere you can breathe the delicious smell of food, cakes and candies.

Most important of all, you can spot the typical Christmas villages, where you can feel like you actually are in the North Pole. So, in the fairy scenario of the elegant and Gothic palaces of Venice, which reflect their surfaces in the canals illuminated by Christmas lights, you can find these small Christmas markets. Small, but indeed beautiful.

All this given, where are the most beautiful Christmas markets of Venice?

Christmas markets in the historical center of Venice

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Let's see which markets are confirmed this year in the Floating city.

For sure, there is the little antiques market of Campo San Maurizio.

It is located in the heart of San Marco district, half way between Piazza DI San Marco and Campo Santo Stefano.

This market is actually very old and it has been organized year after year since 1970.

Here you can find many precious objects from the XVI to XX century. Books, curious and precious things and all sorts of objects: here you can find almost anything you can imagine.

In December, it will be organized from December 8th till 11th, from 9 AM till 7 PM.

This is for sure the most typical and historical market you will see in the city.

On the other hand, if you want to visit something very funny, you can reach Campo San Polo, in the heart of the district of the same name.

Here, from December till the beginning of February, the most scenic ice rink is organized! It is open every day (opening hours vary day by day, so you have to check them in advance) and you can spend a nice afternoon skating in the best panorama possible.

Christmas markets of the islands

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One of the most thrilling Christmas markets of Venice is certainly the one that takes place at Lido.

In fact, here it takes place a colorful and vibrant Christmas village that you can visit in mid December.

Not only can you see Christmas lights in the most important places of the island, but also you will see the little wooden huts where all sorts of objects and street food are being sold. Additionally, there will be a fantastic tourist train connecting the main square (from Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta) with the Parco Quattro Fontane. Here kids and adults will be entertained by a true Christmas village with games, rides and all sorts of fun. There will also be Santa's house!

Here follows the complete program:

On December 10th, there will be the "Santas' ride" and, after that, the scenic "Santas' water parade" in Piazzetta Lepanto.

On December 11th, there will be another event called "Babbo riders" and a "Special Christmas trail" departing Piazzetta Lepanto.

In the meantime, many local choirs will sing Christmas songs and there will be smaller events and exhibitions throughout the island.

To know more about this island and how to get there, please refer to this travel guide.

Christmas markets in the mainland

Mestre and Marghera will be at their best at Christmas!

Mestre in fact will host great events throughout the city center.

The center of the celebration will be Piazza Ferretto with an amazing Christmas tree and such beautiful decorations that have been called "light sculptures".

Indeed there will be Christmas markets. One will be located in Piazza Ferretto and Via Poerio and will take place from the end of November till December 28th. The other one will be in Via Allegri from the end of November till January 8th.

Of course there will be a beautiful ice rink, set in the main square, open till January 8th.

And What will happen in Marghera?

Marghera will also be the perfect background for great Christmas markets!

There will actually be 2 markets.

One is hosted in Piazza Mercato and it will open every Sunday from November till January 22nd.

The other one will take place in front of the Church della Madonna della Salute di Catene. This traditional market, in fact, is called "Mercatini di Catene" and it will take place on December 3rd and 4th.

Gazzera will also host an interesting Christmas market

There is another interesting Christmas market in Gazzera (in the municipality of Venice). It takes place on Saturday 10th, 17th and 24th inside the little church.

On January 4th, there will be also the "Villaggio della Befana" (Hag's Village).

All this considered, are you ready to explore all the Christmas markets in Venice?

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