Christmas in Venice could be just the beginning of a magic dream.

Would you like to know all the things you can do in Venice at Christmas? Let's explore them here!

From the end of November, in Venice it begins to look a lot like Christmas (we know that you've read that singing!)

The amazing floating city starts to dress up at the beginning of the last month of the year so that, all of a sudden, it all changes. Lights, trees and superb decorations are placed all over the city, so that everyone can enjoy the view of the splendid reborn city.

Additionally, there are so many things that you do at Christmas in Venice, that we can wait no longer! Let's start our journey now!

Christmas in Venice: all you have to know before planning a trip in the most magical time of the year

christmas in venice
Photo by Mimidellaboheme, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you are planning your trip to Venice at Christmas, you have to consider some important things that we are going to list here.

1. Temperature and weather at Christmas in Venice

First of all, you have to remember that holidays take place during a particular season.

Even though winter is not particularly tough in this city, you have to consider that the temperatures are lower and it rains more often.

Additionally, to spend Christmas in Venice, you have to be prepared for the famous natural phenomenon of the high tide which occurs often during this season (just read our guide to know more).

2. Opening times of museum, restaurants and all the attractions you want to visit

During this period of the year, please consider less light hours than normal. At 4 PM, in fact, it starts getting darker.

That's why, in case you are planning some activities, you should remember to schedule them before sunset.

Furthermore, many restaurants are closed for Christmas and they open again just to celebrate December 31st.

Most stores, shops and even museums follow this unwritten rule: so you have to check carefully if you can actually plan all the activities you want.

On the other hand, however, there are so many more things you could enjoy in Venice at Christmas and we are going to discover them pretty soon!

3. Christmas is a family moment in Italy

During Christmas, there are less tourists and visitors: therefore, you will have time to enjoy the city and its wonders at its best.

On the other side, however, you have to consider that Italian people, whether Christians or not, actually think of Christmas as a family moment. That's why on Christmas day you won't see many Italians (as well as Venetians, of course) hanging out with friends or attending many events. Usually, Italian people like spending Christmas day at home with their families, eating so many delicacies that you can even imagine.

Christmas in Venice looks a lot like what we have described. Usually this moment is celebrated on December 25th, while in other parts of Europe and Italy, Christmas is actually Christmas Eve, to celebrate on the night of December 24th.

All this considered, we can start planning all the activities to do in Venice at Christmas.

What to do at Christmas in Venice: 5 activities we totally recommend

We are now ready to plan our holidays in Venice. Let's see what you can do in our magic city!

1. Admire the gorgeous Christmas decorations in the most beautiful square

venice at christmas -

You can see the very best of Christmas decorations in the most elegant (and only) square of the city.

In fact, in Piazza San Marco, this is the moment to turn on the lights for the entire month of celebrations. Here, the Christmas tree is inaugurated at the beginning of December, while all the other decorations are put through the city from the last days of November.

Christmas in Venice is such a wonderful moment, full of lights, garlands and trees: don't miss the chance to be enchanted by those marvelous decorations!

2. Stroll around the shops and markets to find the perfect gift

Another popular activity is to attend the Markets that are spread throughout the city and its province.

Mestre, Marghera but also Lido host in fact many interesting Markets where you can find all sorts of souvenirs, traditional decorated masks and anything you can imagine, as well as delicious street food!

3. Explore the many Nativity scenes spread throughout the city

Another popular tradition that you will see also in our city is closely related to Christianity.

In fact, all over Italy you will see so many Nativity scenes, where most of them are authentic art pieces.

In Venice also you will find marvelous Nativity scenes, but they are spread throughout the city. One of the most popular ones is displayed at the Basilica dei Frari in San Polo district.

The Nativity scene is made year after year by the local friars and it is very realistic!

4. Go back to childhood doing the funniest activity in the most incredible scenery

If you want to do something very funny, why don't you go to Campo San Polo?

In this great open space (which is actually a square), every year Venetians set here an incredible ice rink. It usually opens at the beginning of December and lasts till the beginning of Carnival.

This year the rink is open on Christmas day, from 11 AM to 7 PM (but please remember to book your entrance! You could also rent your skates here).

5. Attend the holiest moment of the year in the most amazing place

venice christmas

Which activity represents Christmas in Venice best that the midnight mass?

Year after year, so many people attend the Christmas eve mass inside the golden basilica. Could you imagine the moment?

The golden mosaics of the St Mark's Basilica shine while you are listening to the mass, surrounded by the most amazing artworks.

Indeed, this is the best thing to do in Venice at Christmas.

BONUS: Spend the day like a local and reserve your seat at your favorite restaurant!

25 december in the floating city

Could we give you one final hint?

In our opinion, another thing you could do is to reserve your seats at your favorite restaurants.

Just check online the many places that are open in Venice at Christmas and fix your reservation in advance.

What could be better than eating your favorite food in the most beautiful city in the world?

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