November 25, a crucial date in the international calendar, marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

In the province of Venice, several well-orchestrated events will take place to turn the spotlight on this serious social problem and promote cultural change.

Here are all the events dedicated to World Day Against Violence Against Women in the province of Venice.

Find out the program.

Marathon at M9 Museum: Fighting violence against women with culture

World Day Against Violence Against Women Venice

The M9 Museum in Mestre will be the stage for the fourth edition of the Marathon Against Violence Against Women.

This year, the event is dedicated to Giulia Cecchetin and will host a variety of speakers, including writers, artists and institutional representatives.

This non-stop day, which actively involves students from Mestre institutions, is designed to create awareness and promote dialogue.

Red bench at Stefanini High School: A symbol against feminicide

The symbolic red bench, placed in front of the main entrance of Liceo Stefanini in Mestre, is a tangible reminder of the fight against feminicide.

The unveiling, accompanied by a break in classes, aims to stimulate reflection on gender-based violence and start important conversations.

Performance and music at Pacinotti Institute: "One every three days"

Students from the EmozionArti workshop at Pacinotti Institute will present "One Every Three Days" on Nov. 24.

This performance of words and music, open to the public, seeks to amplify awareness and counter gender-based violence through art and creativity.

Initiatives in Mirano: Installations and conversations

Mirano hosts three art installations, conversations on gender-based violence and a photo exhibition.

A gazebo in Martyrs' Square on Nov. 25 invites men to express solidarity through written messages.

Theater performances and flash mobs enrich the panorama of events.

Dolo: Readings, flash mobs and a look at Afghanistan

In Dolo, Villa Concina will be the site of a shared reading, flash mob and meeting on Afghanistan, offering an international perspective on the condition of women.

Noale: Civic walk and art exhibitions

Noale offers a civic walk with poetry reading, an installation at the Storm Rock and art exhibitions.

Paola Volpato's video art installation on the Clock Tower offers a contemporary twist to the call against gender-based violence.

San Donà di Piave: Men say no to violence

The city administration and the Anti-Violence and Antistalking Center "la Magnolia" are organizing "Men say no to violence against women."

In Independence Square on November 25, men in positions of responsibility will read messages of rejection to gender-based violence.

World Day Against Violence Against Women Venice: Conclusion

In conclusion, the province of Venice makes a strong and creative commitment against violence against women.

These events not only raise awareness, but promote open dialogue about the need for profound cultural change to eradicate this social scourge.

Active community participation reflects a collective commitment to a future without gender-based violence.

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