The bustling city of Venice is preparing to introduce an innovative experiment starting in spring 2024, with the implementation of an access ticket for day tourists.

Mayor Luigi Brugnaro presented this initiative during a press conference held today at Ca' Farsetti, the headquarters of the lagoon city hall.

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Venice access ticket trial begins in Spring 2024

Venice access ticket from spring 2024

From April 2024, tourists wishing to explore the magical lagoon city will face a new requirement: the Venice Access Ticket from Spring 2024.

The first phase of the trial will take place during specific weekends in the spring, representing a bold step to more effectively manage tourist influx.

Key dates

A total of 29 days will be involved in the trial during 2024.

These include the period from April 25-30 and May 1-5, as well as all other weekends until July 13-14, excluding the Republic Day weekend (June 1-2).

Venice access ticket: Rates and times

The Venice access ticket from spring 2024 will be mandatory on the days indicated and must be purchased between 8:30 am and 4 pm.

The cost of the ticket will be 5 euros, required upon entering the city.

Mayor Brugnaro's vision

During the announcement, Mayor Brugnaro emphasized the uniqueness of this worldwide experimentation.

He stated, "This is an experimentation that has never been done in the world.

The city is complex and fragile, but it is alive, and we have an obligation to take steps because in the historic center, at certain times of the year, there is a crowding that we have to alleviate."

The mayor also acknowledged the upcoming challenges, "There are bound to be problems, no one has ever done that in the world, and we have the humility to think that we can try and possibly correct ourselves."

The process of checking and verifying Venice access tickets in Spring 2024

Day visitors, after purchasing an access ticket to Venice by Spring 2024 via a dedicated app, will receive a QR code.

This will be subject to spot checks at eight gates set up at certain access points to the historic center.

These gates will also allow dual access, distinguishing between residents and nonresidents.


In conclusion, Venice is set to become a test case for a new approach to tourism management, introducing the access ticket as a tool to balance the beauty and vibrancy of the city with the need to preserve its valuable cultural and environmental heritage.

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