A great painter portrays the architectures of Venice in his paintings. And this city, with its iconic lagoon architecture, becomes the protagonist of an extraordinary exhibition at the Fortuny Museum.

Ten previously unpublished paintings by Giovanni Soccol capture the enchanting essence of the city, offering a unique look at his artistic output.

"Night Reflections: An Artistic Exploration."

A great painter portrays the architecture of Venice in his paintings

Within the majestic halls of Palazzo Fortuny, Giovanni Soccol's solo exhibition, titled "Nocturnal Reflections," presents a cycle of ten never-before-seen paintings.

These paintings convey the evocative atmosphere of Venetian architecture, enveloped in a night light that gives them a metaphysical aura.

The exhibition curated by Chiara Squarcina

The exhibition, curated by Chiara Squarcina and promoted by the City of Venice and the Venetian Civic Museums Foundation, is intended as a concise review of Soccol's most recent works.

The artist focuses mainly on Venetian architecture emerging from the water, creating ephemeral reflections that challenge traditional perspective.

A journey through iconic monuments

The works in the exhibition, each measuring 200 x 150 cm, feature unique geometric relationships and orthogonal projections.

Venice's iconic monuments, from the Dogana de Mar to the Church of San Simeone, take on a new life through Soccol's brushstrokes. Unconventional perspective takes into account the play of light and reflections from the waters of the Lagoon.

Art as an ephemeral dream

The artist's stated goal is to capture the charm of an image destined to fade away, belonging more to the realm of dreams than to tangible reality.

This artistic approach constitutes the common thread of Soccol's research in recent decades, highlighted by the curator as a distinctive feature of her work.

An exhibition not to be missed

The exhibition will be open to the public until Oct. 2, offering visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Giovanni Soccol's visionary universe.

Venice, with its masterfully painted architecture, becomes the stage for an extraordinary artistic experience. "Venezia Illuminata d'arte" promises to be a must-see for art lovers and enthusiasts of the lagoon city.

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