Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world and most of the visitors come here to enjoy the most romantic moments.

In this article, we will lead through the most romantic places of Venice Italy, according to our experience as locals.

We hope you will find our romantic guide helpful.

The most romantic places of Venice, whether you want to propose or not

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Some of the most famous spots of the city are also considered as the most romantic places of Venice.

However, in this article, we want to take for granted that Piazza San Marco or the Grand Canal will be included in your romantic getaway.

In fact, here we would like to show you some hidden spots that you might not have considered for your romantic trip to the city.

10. A Kiss under the most romantic bridge of Venice

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Yeah, this is a timeless classic.

Who would not wish for a romantic proposal during a gondola ride under the most romantic bridge in the world?

Not only is the Bridge of Sighs known as one of the unmissable spots during a Venetian vacation, but it is also picturesque and incredibly romantic.

And yet, you probably don't know that there is a sweet legend hidden behind this splendid bridge.

9. Fondamenta delle Zattere, to watch the most unforgettable sunset

If you are wondering in the area of Dorsoduro district, why don't you continue your walking tour till you reach the Canale della Giudecca?

Fondamenta delle Zattere has to be included in our top 10 of the most romantic places of Venice Italy.

The atmosphere is so quiet here and you can watch the splendor of the Venetian lagoon till daylight fades behind the waters. Everything is so magical here and the only sound you would hear is the lapping of the waves.

8. The Biennale Gardens

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Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra, via Flickr

You probably know this place because it is the main access to many pavilions that host the Biennale every year.

However, this place, not far from St Mark's Square, is also very romantic. You can walk through the garden and spend a few hours surrounded by nature. Here you can also enjoy splendid sunsets.

This is a truly fantastic location any time of the year and many Venetians decide to come here for a moment of relaxation.

7. The island famous for its incredible bell tower

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If you have never heard about the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, now it's time to discover it.

It is located in front of Piazza San Marco and its bell tower resembles that of St Mark's. You can decide to climb it up and enjoy an amazing view all over the city.

This island,  however, is also famous for its Borges Labyrinth and its marvelous works of art: it's just an unmissable spot of your romantic trip to Venice.

6. The most romantic staircase

Not so many visitors know about this place.

The amazing Scala Contarini del Bovolo is a truly astonishing architectural masterpiece. It is a spiral staircase hidden somewhere in the Castello district.

It's a pure work of art and while you climb it up the most wonderful and romantic view of the city opens up.

However, we should inform you that this attraction has an entrance ticket and sometimes it can be very crowded (especially around midday). Would it be a good reason not to go there?

5. Among the most romantic places of Venice: the terrace of Fondaco dei Tedeschi

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This is another famous and yet romantic place in Venice. It is located next to the Rialto bridge, in San Marco district.

Today the beautiful palace called Fondaco dei Tedeschi is a luxury department store but it has a panoramic terrace on its top. Here you can have the best views of the city from one of its best rooftops.

The access to the terrace is free of charge, but you have to book your entrance.

4. Venice 7 star hotel for the most romantic aperitif

Facing the Grand Canal there is the only 7 star hotel of Venice. It's called Aman and here you can spend the most romantic, and yet luxurious, moments.

In the elegant Bar which takes inspiration from Lord Byron you can enjoy delicious and signature cocktails, like the famous Golden Martini, with vodka and golden leaves.

Of course you can spend the night here: one of the most crazy experiences in the world (and yet very expensive, as you can imagine).

3. Punta della Dogana

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From one of the most luxurious experiences to one that is completely free of charge.

Among the most romantic places of Venice, we also want to include Punta della Dogana. It's not because of its architecture, or because of some incredible rooftops or romantic restaurants.

It's because of its maritime atmosphere. In fact, this place has been the place where visitors and merchants coming to Venice were once welcomed.

From here, you can see the famous square of San Marco in all its elegant magnificence and enjoy marvelous views of the lagoon.

Close to this place there's also the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, if you are interested in modern art.

2. The most romantic SPA of Venice

The Isola delle Rose (Island of the Roses, in English) is a private island in the southern part of the lagoon. It hosts a luxury hotel belonging to the JW Marriott hotel chain.

Here you can spend a romantic and relaxing afternoon enjoying what is considered to be the most romantic SPA of the city.

Anyhow, the island itself is very peaceful and beautiful, covered by gardens and, of course, roses (at the right time of the year).

1. The city by night

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What's better than a romantic walk through the city by night?

Just take your beloved one through the narrow streets of the city (that you know are called calli in Venetians) and explore the most hidden and yet romantic places of Venice.

Visit the hidden corners, the places where no one gets and you will find the right place for you.

Complete your experience reserving your romantic dinner and enjoy your time with your partner in front of a glass of good wine and delicious food.

Do not forget that you can reserve your tickets to the opera or to the theater and spend your night in the most Venetian way we can actually imagine!

If you want some more advice about how to spend the night in the city you can click here.

We truly hope you will enjoy your romantic time in Venice!

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