In Venice, Carnival 2024 celebrates Marco Polo, the legendary Venetian explorer. With the theme "To the East. The Extraordinary Journey of Marco Polo," this edition transforms the city into a living stage.

Through performances, parades and cultural events, the Carnival explores Marco Polo's adventure and the historical richness of Venice.

An immersive experience that blends tradition and creativity in a unique celebration. Join us to immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of Venice during Carnival 2024.

What will be the program of the Venice Carnival 2024 this year? Here are all the dates and events below.

The theme of the Venice Carnival 2024

The Venice Carnival 2024 program

Marco Polo returns to the lagoon as the protagonist of the Venetian carnival festival. With the evocative title "To the East.

The Extraordinary Voyage of Marco Polo," the Venice Carnival 2024 celebrates one of the most illustrious travelers, whose journey embodies the spirit of Venice: the curiosity, thirst for knowledge and resourcefulness of Venetian merchants that characterized the history of the Serenissima.

700th anniversary of his death

This way of being combined commerce, business, diplomacy, and scientific and geographical knowledge. In the context of the 700th anniversary of his death, the theme of travel, discovery and encounter with worlds previously only imagined will be the focus of the Venice Carnival 2024.

Venetian ambassador Marco Polo

It is a journey in search of self, a learning experience across borders and cultures, which changed the destiny of the young Venetian ambassador Marco Polo and the known world at the time.

The program of the Venice Carnival 2024

The Venice Carnival 2024 program:

From January 27 to February 13, the entire City of Venice will become the map of this fantastic journey, with performances, music and art enlivening the calli, campi, streets and piazzas.

This widespread Carnival will involve the entire city area, from the islands to the mainland. People will relive Marco Polo's adventure by exploring the creativity of the Venice Carnival, made up of imaginary worlds, fantasies and desires.

Venice Carnival 2024 events and dates: full schedule

The first weekend will be kicked off with a water parade of traditional boats along the Grand Canal and food and wine tours in Cannaregio.

Carnival Street Show at the Teatrino in Piazza Ferretto

In Mestre, it will be preceded by the Carnival Street Show at the Teatrino in Piazza Ferretto. In St. Mark's Square in Venice and Ferretto Square in Mestre, twin oriental-style theaters will be set up for the traditional Most Beautiful Mask Contest and various shows.

Terra incognita. The wondrous voyage of Mark

The Venice Carnival also features the nighttime show "Terra incognita. The wondrous voyage of Mark" in the Arsenal, inspired by The Million, a masterpiece of world literature. The 12 Marys will be presented on Feb. 3, while parades of floats will return to various locations around the city, from the islands to the mainland.

Chinese New Year during Carnival

The program also includes "Commedia dell'Arte", cultural performances in the city's theaters and museums, the International Kids' Carnival, Chinese New Year during Carnival, and the Carnival Official Dinner Show & Ball at Ca' Vendramin Calergi. The "Magic of Chinese New Year" event will be held between Mestre and Venice with free parades, dances and workshops.

Venice, or the Art of Comedy

In addition, the Venice Carnival 2024 presents the Review "Venice, or the Art of Comedy," which brings Commedia dell'Arte to St. Mark's Square and Campo Santo Stefano with eight different national and international companies. This event will have more than 60 performances throughout the Carnival period.

Carnival of Culture

Carnival is not only a street party, but also a celebration of culture with performances, concerts and art events in the city's cultural spaces. The Carnival of Culture will offer children's workshops, theatrical readings, lectures, cinema, commedia dell'arte and concert cafes, involving theaters, museums and other cultural venues.

Venice Biennale's International Kids' Carnival

The Venice Biennale's International Kids' Carnival has been a project involving schools, teachers and families since 2010. From Feb. 1 to 11, there will be children's film screenings and theater performances at the Teatro Piccolo Arsenale, along with workshops in Mestre's Albanese Park. The Rainbow Skating Track area will be transformed into an ice skating rink, while Ca' Giustinian will host creative and art workshops.

Carnival Official Dinner Show & Ball at Ca' Vendramin Calergi

Carnival will conclude with the Carnival Official Dinner Show & Ball at Ca' Vendramin Calergi, signed by fashion designer Antonia Sautter. This event will be held Feb. 3 to 4 and Feb. 8 to 13, transporting guests to the exotic atmosphere of the Court of the Grand Khan, with sumptuous dresses, exotic arts and flavors of distant worlds.

Magic of Chinese New Year

In addition, the "Magic of Chinese New Year" initiative will bring the Far East to Venice, celebrating Chinese New Year amid parades, dances, songs and free workshops from Feb. 2 to 13. This event will involve Mestre and Venice, transforming Campo San Polo and the Arsenal into Chinese-themed venues.

Venice Carnival 2024: conclusion

With the participation of the city's commercial and tourist fabric, the Venice Carnival 2024 promises to offer an extraordinary experience with musical initiatives, entertainment and celebrations in various public places.

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