In 2024, the Municipality of Venice introduced a trial for an entrance fee, a compulsory fee for day tourists who wish to visit the historic city.

This measure aims to manage the flow of tourists and preserve Venice's cultural and environmental heritage.

In this article, we will explore the process of booking the entrance ticket, providing useful information for visitors who plan to explore the magical lagoon city.

Where to book the Venice entrance ticket? Website and app

Where to book Venice entrance ticket

Starting January 16, it will be possible to book the entrance ticket through the website and dedicated web app.

This multichannel and multilingual platform, developed by Venis spa, allows visitors to obtain a QR Code that will attest the payment of the entrance fee. The generated code must be shown during inspections to avoid fines.

Schedule and payment dates:

The booking system for the entrance fee will be activated starting January 16, while the trial will begin with weekends next spring, with the first date set for April 25.

Visitors are required to book their admission through the dedicated platform by the dates set in the trial schedule.

Fee and reductions for the Venice 2024 entrance fee:

The entrance fee is set at a single amount of 5 euros, with no reductions provided in the first year of the trial.

Reservations are required for day visitors who do not stay overnight in the municipal territory of Venice and do not reside in the Veneto region.

For other categories of visitors, access will be free, but they too will have to make reservations through the dedicated system.

Payment methods:

In addition to the website and app, the municipality also allows the access fee to be collected through ATMs and other channels. This flexibility gives visitors several options to ensure compliance during their visit to Venice.

Fines and checks:

The city administration will conduct checks and inspections through authorized personnel, such as local police officers, at major access points in the city.

Fines for those found without an entry ticket range from 50 to 300 euros, in addition to the 10 euros unpaid access fee.

There is the possibility of charges for those who provide false information. Fines not paid by the specified deadline will be collected coercively.

Why book the Venice entrance ticket?

Where to book Venice entrance ticket

Responsible tourism:

The Venice entrance ticket trial reflects the City's commitment to promoting responsible tourism. This initiative aims to balance the desire to explore the city with the need to preserve its rich heritage.

Visitors are encouraged to understand the importance of helping to maintain the beauty and authenticity of Venice through compliance with new regulations.

Benefits of online booking:

The online platform for booking admission tickets offers several benefits to visitors.

In addition to the convenience of booking from anywhere, using the website or app allows tourists to avoid long lines and simplifies the process of entering the city.

The generation of a QR Code is an effective way to prove payment of the fee during inspections, providing a smoother experience for tourists.

Multilingual support:

The booking platform is designed to accommodate visitors from all over the world, offering multilingual support.

This aspect demonstrates the City's attention to the cultural diversity of tourists who choose Venice as their destination.

The ability to interact with the system in one's native language helps make the booking process more accessible and user-friendly.

Involvement of the local community:

In the context of the admission ticket trial, the City promotes local community involvement in tourism management.

Initiatives to educate residents about sustainability and the importance of preserving Venice's cultural heritage are encouraged.

This collaboration between visitors and residents is key to ensuring an authentic and positive experience for both parties.

Future perspectives:

The admission ticket trial is only the first step toward more sustainable management of tourism in Venice. Over the years, the City could make changes based on visitor experience and feedback.

The ultimate goal is to strike a balance between promoting tourism and protecting the city, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy Venice's unique beauty.

Where to book Venice entrance ticket: Final conclusions

Booking an entrance ticket to Venice is not just a bureaucratic fulfillment, but a tangible contribution to the preservation of one of the world's most fascinating cities.

Through online booking, compliance, and awareness of their impact, visitors can help preserve the integrity of Venice, ensuring that it remains a historical and cultural jewel for future generations.

Therefore, booking the Venice entrance ticket is essential for visitors who wish to explore this fascinating city.

Following the rules helps preserve Venice's heritage and ensure a positive experience for all tourists. By using the website, app, or other available channels, visitors can ensure that they fully enjoy all that Venice has to offer while avoiding fines and inconveniences during their visit.

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