Weather portals, including METEOWEB, recently reported the possibility of overnight frost in Venice.

The predicted extremely low temperatures have prompted local authorities to take preventive measures to deal with severe weather conditions.

Night frost Venice: Salt-spreading vehicles in action

Night frost Venice

Faced with the prospect of frost during the coldest hours, salt spreading vehicles were put into action starting at 10 p.m. last night (Jan. 11, 2024).

This initiative was coordinated by the Local Police Operations Center and Civil Defense of the City of Venice.

Night frost Venice: Key points of the intervention

The salt spreaders will not only be limited to Piazzale Roma and Tronchetto, but will also intervene in other critical points of the city.

Traffic circles, underpasses, and mainland overpasses will be subject to preventive treatment with salting to avoid inconveniences related to low temperatures.

Night frost Venice: City Council recommendations

In response to these adverse weather conditions, the City of Venice has issued a recommendation to motorists. Extreme caution is urged when driving, considering possible icy or slippery roads.

Road safety becomes a priority, and motorists are urged to adjust their speed and take extra precautions.


In conclusion, the City of Venice is on alert for impending overnight frost, taking timely measures through the use of salt spreaders.

The cooperation of motorists in following recommendations and adopting prudent behavior is essential to ensure everyone's safety in these adverse weather conditions.

Staying informed of weather forecasts and following the directions of local authorities is critical to successfully dealing with these weather challenges.

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