The Venice Carnival is one of the most fascinating and celebrated events in the world, a magical experience that transports visitors on a journey through time through the elegance of the masks and the rich history of the lagoon city.

In 2024, the Venice Carnival promises to amaze once again with the theme "To the East," dedicated to Marco Polo's legendary journey to China and the Indies.

Venice Carnival 2024: dates

Venice Carnival 2024

The Venice Carnival 2024 opens on January 27 with the striking Venetian Festival on the water along the Grand Canal.

The inaugural parade mixes artists, colors and light displays, kicking off two weeks of festivities on February 13.

Main events of Carnival Venice 2024

Venice Carnival 2024

Among the must-see events is the Corteo Acqueo, a traditional procession of local boats captained by the majestic giant papier-mâché "Pantegana."

Nighttime suggestions come to life with "Original Signs" at the spectacular Arsenale, offering imaginative visions, lights and music.

Venice Carnival 2024: The 12 Marys and the dinner show

Venice Carnival 2024

One of the most fascinating traditions is the parade of the "Marys," a group of women sporting period dresses aboard gondolas along the Grand Canal to St. Mark's Square. The presentation of the 12 Marys is a spectacle that mixes history and grace.

Exclusive experience

For a more exclusive experience, the "Original Sinners, Carnival Official Dinner Show&Ball" at the Ca' Vendramin Calergi Palace offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Carnival. An extraordinary event enlivened by artists and performers, but to be booked in advance.

Complete program of the Carnival of Venice 2024

Carnival does not neglect the youngest with the "Carnival of the Kids," an event that includes workshops and games at Palazzo Ca' Giustinian and the Civic Center of Albanese Park in Mestre. An opportunity for children to experience the festive atmosphere in an interactive way.

Music lovers

For art and music lovers, "Café Concert" offers recitals by artist Émeline Bayart accompanied on piano by Manuel Peskine at Palazzetto Bru Zane.

Miscellaneous tips

The Flight of the Angel:

The highlight of the event, the Flight of the Angel, closes the Carnival. Arrive at St. Mark's Square by 11 a.m. to ensure a prime view.

Photograph the Masks:

St. Mark's Square is a great place to capture the beauty of the most elaborate masks and costumes, especially during the traditional processions between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Enjoy Venetian "Fritole":

Savor the delicious fried dough balls filled with cream or Nutella, an exclusive delicacy during Carnival.

Wear a Costume:

Although not mandatory, masquerading is an integral part of the experience. Enjoy fully immersing yourself in the magic of Carnival.

Purchase a Venetian Mask:

Even if you don't want a complete costume, a Venetian mask is a fascinating souvenir. Visit Mondonovo Maschere for authentic works of art.

Venice Carnival 2024: conclusion

The Venice Carnival 2024 promises to be an unforgettable journey among centuries-old traditions, elegance and breathtaking performances.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of magic and mystery along the enchanted canals of this unique city.

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