Pope Francis' visit to Venice represents a significant moment not only for the city itself, but also for the entire ecclesial community and the entire world.

Through his gestures and words, the Holy Father will bring a message of hope, peace and solidarity that will resonate in the streets and hearts of Venice for a long time to come.

Let's see when the Pope arrives in Venice and other important information.

The Pope in Venice: when?

Pope in Venice

Next April 28, Venice will be the stage for an event of great historical significance: the visit of Pope Francis.

The announcement has caused great excitement and anticipation in the lagoon city, where the Holy Father will stop during his apostolic journey.

Pope in Venice: packed program and meeting with culture

Pope Francis' visit will have a packed program of significant appointments.

One of the most anticipated meetings will be his presence at the 60th International Art Exhibition, better known as the Venice Biennale.

Here, the Pope will visit the Holy See Pavilion, thus expressing his interest and support for contemporary art and cultural dialogue.

Pope in Venice: Social commitment and solidarity

But his agenda does not stop there. Pope Francis will also stop by the Giudecca Women's Prison, demonstrating his commitment to social justice and the rehabilitation of inmates.

This gesture is a tangible sign of his message of mercy and compassion toward those marginalized by society.

Mayor thrilled with Pope's arrival in Venice

Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro welcomed the announcement of the papal visit with enthusiasm, calling it "a historic day for our City and our Region."

Brugnaro stressed the importance of the Pope's presence as a moment of reinforcement of the fundamental values of peace, freedom, democracy and diplomacy, values that embody the very essence of Venice and its community.

The words of the Mayor of Venice

"We await with great anticipation the arrival of the Holy Father," said the mayor, "thanking him as of now for offering Venice the gift of His prayer and His word, to renew our faith in the Church."

This visit, the mayor continued, will be a valuable opportunity to strengthen unity and promote interreligious and intercultural dialogue, fundamental values for a city as historically open and welcoming as Venice.

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