In the beautiful setting of Venice, the 2024 Venice Carnival reached the height of its magnificence, celebrating not only tradition and history, but also creativity and innovation.

This year, one of the most anticipated moments was the announcement of the most beautiful mask, which captured the imagination of all participants.

"To the East: The wondrous voyage of Marco Polo" - the theme of the year

Venice Carnival 2024 most beautiful mask elected

With the theme "To the East: The Miraculous Voyage of Marco Polo," the Carnival invited participants to explore the faraway lands and fascinating cultures that inspired one of history's greatest explorers.

Masks became vehicles of this narrative, bringing exotic worlds and compelling stories to life.

The award-winning masks: a triumph of creativity and commitment

The competition for the most beautiful mask was fierce, with participants from all over the world showing incredible commitment and dedication in creating their costumes.

This year, three masks received special recognition:

"Crown, the Red Queen"-an elaborate mask that caught the eye for its richness of detail and its reference to the theme. Karen Duthoit, the mastermind behind this creation, skillfully blended elements of oriental charm with timeless regal beauty.

"Olé": an explosion of fantasy and color, this mask brought a breath of joy and cheer to Carnival. Silvio Bandini and Diego Carazzone were able to embody the festive and carefree soul of this creation, bringing smiles to all present.

"700 times Marco": a tribute to the great traveler Marco Polo, this mask transported the audience on a journey through eras and cultures. Laura Esposito and Paolo Quadrino masterfully embodied the adventure and mystery surrounding the legendary explorer.

A display of excellence and diversity

In addition to the award-winning masks, hundreds of other creations crowded St. Mark's Square, offering the public an extraordinary experience of creativity and diversity.

From classic Venetian costumes to the boldest and most innovative, Carnival once again proved to be a unique opportunity to celebrate art, culture and imagination.

Venice Carnival 2024 most beautiful mask elected: conclusion

The 2024 Venice Carnival will remain etched in the minds and hearts of those lucky enough to participate.

With the most beautiful mask and the many other wonders that populated its streets, Venice confirmed its status as the Carnival capital of the world, where beauty and creativity find their highest expression.

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