The year 2024 looks set to be a year of significant growth for the cruise industry in Venice.

Despite some challenges and changes in the industry, such as a reduction in the number of companies operating in the region, enthusiasm for cruising in the lagoon city continues to thrive.

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Venice Cruises 2024: Forecasts

cruises Venice 2024

The number of passengers arriving in Venice via cruises is projected to increase by 9 percent over the previous year.

This figure, announced during the presentation of the season at the Venice Passenger Terminal, underscores the city's continued importance as a major cruise destination.

Challenges and strategies for cruises Venice

Venice cruises

The president of Venezia Terminal Passeggeri (Vtp), Fabrizio Spagna, pointed out that although the total number of companies operating in Venice has dropped from 23 to 20, the number of berths booked is increasing.

This is an encouraging sign for the industry, indicating a continued commitment to the city despite the restrictions and controversy surrounding the passage of large ships through St. Mark's Basin.

Marghera as a cruise center in Venice

One of the key strategies to support this increase in traffic is the adoption of the "diffuse port" model in Marghera.

This decision followed a ban on the passage of large ships through the historic heart of Venice, a measure taken to protect the fragile and precious lagoon environment.

Despite the criticism and concerns raised by some sectors, it seems that this transition is proceeding relatively smoothly, offering a temporary solution to the dispute.

Arrival of the Msc Sinfonia in Venice

The start of the season is set for March 24, with the arrival of the ship Msc Sinfonia, marking the beginning of a period of intense cruise activity in the region.

It is planned that ships will call mainly at the 'Liguria' and 'Lombardia' docks in the Porto Marghera area, in addition to Fusina and strategic points in the historic center such as San Basilio and the Marittima.

These docking points, diversified and distributed throughout the city, enable a more sustainable and balanced management of the flow of tourists, while reducing the impact on the environment and the daily lives of residents.

Commitment to a sustainable Venice with cruises from 2024

Optimism for the cruise season in Venice is palpable, with authorities and tour operators working together to ensure an enjoyable and responsible experience for both visitors and the local community.

As the debate over the sustainability and impact of cruises on the city continues, it appears that Venice is taking a pragmatic and flexible approach to managing this important source of tourism, balancing economic benefits with the need to protect its unique and fragile heritage.

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