Venice, the city of waters and canals, is about to usher in a crucial chapter in its navigational history. Thanks to the approval of an amendment in the transportation committee, speed regulation on canals in Venice will become an integral part of the new highway code.

This move not only promises to improve navigation safety, but also to protect the lagoon ecosystem from decades of threats.

Venice Canals speed control: Crucial amendment approved

Speed control Canals Venice

The transportation committee has given the green light to an amendment signed by Venetian MPs from the majority parties, paving the way for new rules for speed control in Venice's scenic canals.

This initiative is part of the new highway code, promising improved safety and protection of the lagoon ecosystem.

Speed control Canals Venice: the details

Speed control Canals Venice

A step forward for Venice: "Barcaveloxes" in action

With the passage of the law, the lagoon city will finally be able to use its innovative "barcaveloxes" to monitor the speed of boats plying the canals.

These instruments, a kind of speed camera adapted to the aquatic environment, become an integral part of a detection system that, until now, could not be fully activated due to the absence of a specific regulatory framework.

Responding to regulations for a safe environment

The text of the amendment clearly highlights the "regulatory gaps" that have caused administrative litigation, rendering penalties against offenders ineffective.

The lack of "specific provisions to regulate the use of appropriate speed detection equipment for watercraft" made this legislative intervention necessary.

Safety and Ecosystem Protection: Top priorities

The need to regulate navigation in Venice's canals was raised by MPs Martina Semenzato (Coraggio Italia), Giorgia Andreuzza and Erik Pretto (Lega), who proposed a specific speed camera, the "barcavelox," to monitor and record the speed of boats.

This intervention is crucial to preserve the safety and integrity of the lagoon ecosystem, which is constantly threatened by the wave motion generated by boats in transit.

Speed reduction and instrumental tolerance

The new regulation stipulates that the speed value detected through the use of "barcaveloxes" shall be subject to "a reduction equal to 10 percent, with a minimum of 2 kilometers per hour, which also includes the instrumental tolerance."

This measure aims to ensure safer navigation and protect the fragile Venetian lagoon.

Satisfaction and optimism for the future

Members Semenzato, Andreuzza and Pretto express great satisfaction with the approval of the amendment. Martina Semenzato comments, "As Courage Italy, we had first proposed the need to regulate canal navigation.

The amendment introduces a specific speed camera, renamed barcavelox, to monitor and record the speed of boats and watercraft plying the canals of the lagoon city."

Speed control Canals Venice: conclusion

With satisfaction on the part of the amendment's initiators and local administrators, Venice is preparing for a safer and more sustainable boating future.

This new legislation not only addresses a long-felt need, but represents a concrete commitment to ensure the protection of the lagoon and the well-being of its inhabitants.

Venice, with its "barcaveloxes," proves once again that it is at the forefront of innovation for responsible and conscious navigation.

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