Are there any typical Venice Carnival sweets? Like any tradition, the answer is yes!

The Venice Carnival is a festival that enchants visitors from all over the world; it is not only famous for its elaborate costumes and masks, but also for the delicious desserts that pop up in pastry shops during this joyous season.

And what could be more Venetian than fried desserts? In anticipation of the sobriety of Easter, in Venice, fried food becomes the undisputed star of the kitchens, giving residents and tourists alike a palette of irresistible flavors.

The complete list of Venice Carnival Sweets

Let's discover all the Venice Carnival desserts below.

Chiacchiere, Fritoe, and Frittelle

Venice Carnival sweets

Chiacchiere, known locally as "Fritoe" and internationally as frittelle, are undoubtedly the queens of Carnival in Venice.

These circles of fried dough, enriched with pine nuts and raisins, are a crunchy treat wrapped in granulated sugar. Whether plain or filled, with or without a hole, chiacchiere are a must during this festival and can only be found at this time of year.


Venice Carnival sweets

Different from fritole in dough and smaller size, Castagnole are a Venetian variation of a classic Italian dessert.

Although smaller in size, these fried delights are a tasty alternative to fritole, with their ancient origin making them a competent delicacy with everything else, especially when filled.


Venice Carnival sweets

Easy to recognize even for the uninitiated, Galani are sheets of fried dough that are elsewhere called chiacchiere, bugie, cenci, frappe, or crostoli.

Although their size and thickness may vary slightly from locality to locality, in Venice they are a delicacy highlighted by powdered sugar.

Their name may come from the meaning of bow or ribbon, an elegant touch that makes these sweets irresistible.


Not exactly a typical Venetian dessert, but Mammalucchi deserve special mention. Originating at the Pasticceria Bar Targa in Rialto, these sweets were born perhaps by mistake, but their goodness is unquestionable.

A dough with raisins and orange zest, fried, sweetened and especially creamy, mammalucchi are a sweet secret to discover in Venice.

Fried Cream (Crema fritta)

Fried cream, most famous in the Marche region, also finds its delicious version in the Carnival celebrations in Venice.

Prepared with a pastry cream cooled to the consistency of a pudding, it is diced, breaded and fried until it becomes a delicacy to be enjoyed during a stroll through the Venetian canals and calli.

Venice Carnival desserts: conclusion

During the Venice Carnival, indulge in the delights of traditional Venetian cuisine, where the scent of fried sweets mingles with the festive atmosphere of one of the most fascinating celebrations in the world.

At Carnival, every fritto counts, and in Venice, every bite is a journey into the culinary tradition of this unique city.

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