If you are in the picturesque setting of La Serenissima and are about to renew your ID card in Venice, you are in the right place! In this enchanting corner of Italy, the Municipality of Venice has introduced an innovative and fast way to obtain an electronic ID card.

This article is the perfect guide for those who wish to explore Venice not only through its canals and bridges, but also through the modern digital ID card application process.

You will discover all the necessary steps, the benefits of the new electronic identity, and how to make this experience an unforgettable journey between tradition and modernity.

How to apply for the Electronic Identity Card in Venice

Electronic Identity Card in Venice

Are you in Venice and your old paper ID card is about to expire? Fear not, because the City of Venice offers a quick and efficient service to obtain the brand new electronic ID card. Here's everything you need to know below.

The Electronic Identity Card revolution in Venice

Electronic Identity Card in Venice

As of 09/02/2018, at the registry counters of the Municipality of Venice, the ID card is issued exclusively in electronic format. This innovation simplifies the process of applying for a digital identity (SPID), eliminating the need to identify "de visu" with the Identity Provider operator. Authentication credentials, supplied with the card, make it possible to use it via desktop readers or smartphones equipped with an NFC interface.

Benefits of the Electronic Identity Card Venice

The electronic ID card not only simplifies bureaucratic processes, but also offers numerous advantages. With registered fingerprints, you can avoid queues at electronic customs checkpoints during your travels. In addition, with a cost of €22.21 and a quick shipping time of 6 business days, the new card will be delivered to your doorstep in the comfort of your home.

Required documentation

To apply for an electronic ID card in Venice, make sure you have:

A recent passport photo on a white background complying with the requirements of the Ministry of the Interior.

Laminated health card.

Expired, deteriorated ID card or, in case of theft/loss, the report submitted to the Public Security Authorities.

For foreign citizens, a valid document for residence.

In the case of minor citizens, both parents or only one with declaration of consent and photocopy of ID.

Costs and duration of the Electronic Identity Card Venice

The total cost is €22.21 (€16.79 national costs + €5.42 municipal secretarial fee). Duration varies according to age: 10 years for adults, 5 years for children aged 3 to 18, and 3 years for children under 3.

How to book an appointment

To apply for or renew your ID card, you must book an appointment online on the City of Venice's dedicated page or call the Single Call Center at 041041. During the appointment, present the required documentation at the registry counters.

Registry counters in Venice

To facilitate the process, several registry desks are available in Venice, including:

Ca' Loredan San Marco 4142 and San Marco 4161 (Centro Storico)

Sportelli Anagrafe Lido

Sportelli Anagrafe Pellestrina

Sportelli Anagrafe Murano

Burano Registry Offices

Anagrafe Mestre (Headquarters)

Sportelli Anagrafe Marghera

How to apply for the Electronic Identity Card in Venice: conclusion

Applying for an electronic ID card in Venice is a journey between modernity and tradition. Take advantage of this process to explore the city and seize the opportunity to admire its unique beauty. With the new digital identity, you will be ready to fully immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of Venice.

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