Pictures of the colorful island of Burano, in the Venetian lagoon, are shared all around the world: the Burano lace, the colorful houses are just two of the many attractions you will see and enjoy once you come here.

Burano seems like a fairy place, where the time has stopped and where you can spend a wonderful day trip. However, after having discovered the many things that you could do here, you will probably think of staying more: maybe 2 or 3 days.

So, let's finally discover the many things you can do and visit in the small island of Burano.

Why you should definitely visit Burano, one of the most iconic Venetian islands

What to do and visit in Burano venice -

Located in the Northern part of the Venetian lagoon, the island of Burano is very close to another popular Venetian island: Murano, famous for its beautiful glass production.

Anyhow, Burano has a strong personality on its own and it's not just famous for its colors and its lace production.

The island, in fact, can tell us a very long history, which began at the time of the Fall of the Roman Empire.

Would you like to know more?

A bit of history of Burano island

It seems that Burano has been one of the main refuges at the time of the so-called barbaric invasions that contributed to the Fall of the Roman Empire.

The first document that contains a reference to the island, however, dates back to 840.

At the beginning the houses were built on the water, using woods and mud: only after the XIX century, the local inhabitants began to build them using bricks.

A curious fact about the island of Burano

During the centuries, many families from Burano decided to move to Ancona, in Central Italy. They create a local community called Buraneli. Still nowadays, the Ancona dialect reflects the Venetian contamination having created a unique language!

Now we are ready to start exploring the beautiful island of the Venice lagoon!

What to do and visit in Burano: 7 things you cannot miss in the lace island

what to do in burano italy

Many photos and videos fill our Instagram feeds, showing the brightly colored houses of Burano.

So, many of you already know that one of the main reasons to come here is to take amazing shots of the houses.

However, you will see that this is just one of the things you can actually do and see in the marvelous Burano!

1. Visit Piazza Galuppi, the only square in Burano

piazza galuppi burano venice main square of the tiny island of Burano
View of the main square of Burano (photo by Jean-Pol GRANDMONT, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

This great square, probably the only one in Burano, is entitled to Baldassare Galuppi, called the Buranello. He lived in the XVIII century and has been one of the most original comedy composers in Italy. For a long time he has worked together with Carlo Goldoni, the Venetian playwright, and has been also Choir Master inside the Basilica of San Marco.

Beside the story of this great man from Burano, the square is the center of the social life of the island.

Not only you will find many shops and ladies making lace, but also you will see the Duomo of the island and the entrance to the Lace Museum (we'll see both later in the article).

Just stroll around the square and observe the typical joyful daily routine of the inhabitants of the island! You can also buy lace at the local shops!

2. Visit the Lace Museum of Burano

burano lace museum
The art of Lace making in Burano (photo by Avital Pinnick, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, via Flickr)

If you want to know more about the history of lace making and admire some of the greatest lace works, you definitely have to come here.

The Museo del Merletto, as it is called in Italian, is hosted inside the palazzetto del Podestà di Torcello in Galuppi Square. The palace is well known because it has been the seat of the famous Burano Lace School for almost one hundred years (from 1872 to 1970).

The Lace Museum was opened in 1981 and not only it shows the great history of this art, but also it houses 200 beautiful lace pieces. If you are an art lover you cannot miss the visit!

3. The Church of San Martino and its famous Leaning Tower of Burano

the church of san martino and the leaning tower -
The leaning tower of Burano

Even the Church of San Martino is located in Piazza Galuppi.

The exteriors of the church have been left unfinished. There is not even a main entrance: visitors have to enter the church by a lateral entrance.

Inside the church, in the Sacristy, there has been one of the first works by Giambattista Tiepolo (a Crucifixion). This work, however, together with many others, has been transferred inside the Oratorio di Santa Barbara.

Anyhow, even if you are not particularly interested in churches, you cannot help but notice the tower bell that surely reminds you of the one in Pisa!

The famous Tower of Burano, in fact, now leans because of a land subsidence.

The best place to observe the Leaning Tower is the Terranova bridge or the Via Giudecca (the one in Burano, of course!).

4. Enjoy the colorful houses and Burano's picturesque canals

colourful houses of burano rainbow houses
The famous Casa de Bepi in Burano (photo by Hervè Simon, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr)

Whether you come here for a few hours or 2 or more days, you cannot have enough of the beautiful colorful houses that enrich the panorama of the island. This is simply the most popular tourist attraction of the island.

Would you know why the houses were painted with the brightest colors?

It was because of the fog. In the past it was so thick, that the inhabitants thought that they could have helped sailors and seamen coming back to Burano by coloring the houses.

The result is this incredible island which seems part of a fairy postcard.

If you want to visit the most beautiful or, at least, the most popular colored house, you should go to casa di Bepi Suà, also called Bepi dalle Caramelle (Bepi of the Candies, literally).

It is located in Calle del Pistor and it should take no more than 3 minutes to reach it from Galuppi Square.

5. Take amazing pictures at the Tre Ponti

tre ponti burano
View of Tre Ponti in Burano where you can take beautiful shots (photo by Abxbay, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Here you can take one of the most beautiful panoramic pictures of Burano.

Tre Ponti means 3 bridges in English but it is actually one wooden bridge that connects 3 canals and 3 of the most colorful streets of Burano.

You can take beautiful shots all day long but, in our opinion, the best time to come here is at sunset, when the sun goes down behind the old fish market (Pescaria, in Venetian).

6. The Old fish market of Burano (the Pescaria)

old fish market what to visit in burano
View of Fondamenta della Giudecca in Burano (photo by Jean-Pol GRANDMONT, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Another popular attraction of Burano is certainly the local Pescaria, which is located in Fondamenta della Giudecca. Here you can take beautiful pictures of Burano and also of the Leaning tower.

Despite the name, this is a truly romantic place where you can enjoy the most dreamy sunset on the lagoon.

If you like fish markets, however, you should also go to Via San Martino Sinistro, where you can visit the open air fish market.

7. Enjoy the local food: Buranelli, or Bussolà, and Risotto di Gò on top!

If you come to Burano, you definitely have to eat the local products.

The island is famous for its biscuits, called Buranelli or Bussolà, which in the past were prepared by the fishermen's wives  before they started their long period of navigation. Now they are prepared all year long and sold in every corner of Burano.

The Risotto di Gò is another traditional recipe of Burano. It's a risotto made with gò, a local fish: this is a local recipe which you will find only here!

Info & tips: how to arrive and visit Burano island

how to arrive and visit burano venice -

You can decide to come here privately or join a tour that usually includes Murano and Torcello.

In order to give you the most detailed info on this regard, we have prepared a full and updated guide on how to arrive in the splendid Burano by private and public transports.

We hope you enjoy it!

Visiting Murano: when is the best season to come here

burano best season to come -

During the high season, the small bridges and narrow streets of Burano are the perfect destination for many tourists and visitors. The island can get very crowded.

For this reason, in case possible, we suggest that you come during the shoulder season, at Spring or beginning of Autumn.

Burano will be much more enjoyable and the temperature will be just fine (neither too cold and windy, nor too hot).

Just remember that Burano hosts the local Carnival! It happens on almost the same dates of the traditional Carnival of Venice!

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