Not only is the Carnival one of the biggest events in the world organized in Venice. This year, the Venice Carnival is going to enter the metaverse. Such a big news!

From 2023, in fact, Venice Carnival will be part of this incredible reality that we already called Metaverse.

How will this happen?

Venice Carnival in the metaverse: a great 2023 turning point

carnival in the metaverse -

For many people, visiting Venice Carnival represents a lifetime dream.

In 2023 this dream may come to reality for many people that have not planned an actual tour to our city during this crazy festival.

Massimo Checchetto, the artistic director of 2023 Venice Carnival has in fact decided to go beyond anyone’s expectation and let this event enter the metaverse.

You can enjoy the magnificence and the colors of the shows and the iconic events even though you are not physically here. How great is that?

While you are having your breakfast in the comfort of your house in Colorado, you could see the greatness and the splendor of the many masks of the Carnival.

But there’s more than that!

From spectator to actual participant: that’s the extraordinariness of the Carnival entering the metaverse

Have you ever dreamt of wearing one of the traditional Venetian masks?

Well, this dream may come to reality!

As Venice Carnival is entering the metaverse, anyone (yeah, that includes you, if you like!) can now wear a Venetian mask. The Bauta, the Doctor of the Plague and many others (we have talked so much about them in this article)... You can embody any character you like!

Not only you have the possibility to wear a significant part of the history of our city: some of those masks have also been adapted to modern fashion and trends. Can you believe it?

How to participate to Venice Carnival in the metaverse

All the details haven’t been divulged yet.

However, it seems that aspiring participants will need to access the Instagram platforms of Ready Player Me and Roblox, where it will be possible to choose masks.

Then, the most crazy party you have ever been to will start!

Will you join this virtual event or will you still prefer coming to our city to enjoy it for real?

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