The next Venice Carnival, set for 2024, looks like a fascinating odyssey entitled "To the East. The Miraculous Voyage of Marco Polo." A tribute to the famous Venetian traveler on the 700th anniversary of his death on Jan. 8, 1324.

The event celebrates the theme of travel, understood not only as discovery and encounter, but also as an introspective journey, an immersion in imagination that turns its gaze "to the East," following in the footsteps of Marco Polo during his exploration of new wonders.

Venice Carnival 2024: "To the East" in honor of Marco Polo

Venice Carnival 2024 tribute to Marco Polo

Venice Carnival 2024 tribute to Marco Polo: A journey through history from Jan. 27 to Feb. 13

From Jan. 27 to Feb. 13, 2024, the city of Venice will become the map of this extraordinary journey, involving residents and visitors among calli, campi, streets and squares, transformed into settings for performances, music and art.

The Carnival will span the entire city, from the islands to the mainland, in a celebration that pays tribute to Marco Polo as one of the most significant representatives of Venice's international vocation.

Venice Carnival 2024 tribute to Marco Polo: Events and shows in party dress

The Carnival street show will be the beating heart of the event, presenting the best international music, circus-theater and clowning artists.

Traditional events, including the selection of the most beautiful mask and the 12 Marys, will return to make the Venice Carnival shine.

Ca' Vendramin Calergi will be the setting for the official dinner show entitled "At the Court of the Great Khan," signed by renowned fashion designer Antonia Sautter.

Parades, water shows and culture

Parades of masked floats will invade throughout the city, while the Arsenal will be the venue for water shows, with "Terra incognita" adding a touch of magic to the Grand Dock.

Art and theater will play a prominent role with performances in the city's main cultural spaces, in collaboration with the Biennale and other local entities, under the "Carnival of Culture" brand.

Venice Carnival 2024 tribute to Marco Polo: Massimo Checchetto's signature

Teatro La Fenice artistic director and set designer Massimo Checchetto will stamp his signature on the 2024 edition of the Carnival.

He emphasizes that Marco Polo was a hero of his time, having the extraordinary fortune to explore unknown lands, gathering information, facing dangers and adventures in his journey "to the East" from Venice.

The Venice Carnival 2024 promises to be an extraordinary experience, a journey through history and imagination that pays tribute to one of the greatest explorers of all time.

The Carnival of Venice: an explosion of elegance and tradition

An introduction to Venetian magic

The Venice Carnival is an unparalleled celebration, an explosion of elegance, mystery and history that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Each year, this unique festival transforms the narrow streets of Venice into a vibrant and colorful stage, bringing to life one of the lagoon city's most iconic traditions.

Masks: symbols of freedom and mystery

Masks are the undisputed stars of the Venice carnival, symbols of freedom and mystery that conceal a rich tradition behind them.

Venetian artisans devote months to the creation of these works of art, transforming the masks into true artistic expressions that often depict historical figures, fantastical characters or explore the wildest imagination.

Parades, contests and performances: the heart of carnival

The carnival comes to life through parades of masks, contests for the most beautiful mask and artistic performances that enliven the festive days.

The notes of traditional Venetian music and festive laughter create an atmosphere of contagious joy, turning every corner of the city into a realm of merriment.

Exclusive events: balls, dinners and elegance

In addition to public celebrations, carnival offers exclusive events that add a touch of sophistication to the party. Masked balls, elegant dinners and theatrical performances are part of a packed program.

The canals come alive with decorated gondolas, creating unforgettable scenery that make the Grand Canal the perfect setting for unique experiences.

Venice, a stage of magic

The Venice Carnival is an incredible experience that goes beyond masks and costumes. This festival transforms Venice into a magical stage of celebration and merriment, capturing the imagination of anyone privileged to participate.

A celebration of creativity, history and tradition that confirms its position as one of the most fascinating events in the world.

The Carnival of Venice: insights

The Venice Carnival is one of the most famous and fascinating events of its kind in the world. Every year, thousands of people gather in the lagoon city to participate in a unique and extraordinary celebration where art, history and tradition come together in a whirlwind of colors, masks and music.

Historical Origins

The origins of the Venice Carnival date back to the distant Middle Ages. The first documented mention of the event dates back to 1094, when it celebrated the victory of the Republic of Venice over Ulrich, Patriarch of Aquileia.

Over the centuries, Carnival became increasingly elaborate and sophisticated, with the introduction of masks, masquerade parties and regattas on the Lagoon.

The Masks of Venice

Masks are undoubtedly the most iconic element of the Venice Carnival. They conceal the identities of the participants, allowing them to freely express their creativity and immerse themselves in the magical atmosphere of the festival.

The most famous mask is definitely the "Bauta," characterized by a long black cloak and a white face with a pronounced nose. Other famous masks include the "Moretta" and the "Columbine," each with its own history and symbolism.

Events and shows

The Carnival program is full of events and shows that enliven the squares and canals of Venice. The "Festa delle Marie" is a costume parade celebrating the city's twelve most beautiful girls, while the "Flight of the Angel" sees a young woman descend from St. Mark's bell tower suspended by a cable, officially inaugurating the celebrations.

The Regattas and the Doge's Ball

Among the most picturesque events of the Carnival are the regattas, during which historic boats compete in the waters of the Venice Lagoon.

Another highlight is the "Doge's Ball," a sumptuous masquerade ball that attracts Venetian nobility and sophisticated participants. The ball offers a unique experience with sumptuous period costumes, live music, and an extraordinary setting.

Carnival in the 21st century

Today, the Venice Carnival continues to be a major tourist attraction. The streets fill with visitors from all over the world, eager to immerse themselves in the history and unique atmosphere of this festival.

The celebrations are not limited to masks and parades, but also include concerts, art exhibitions and gastronomic events that enhance Venice's rich culinary tradition.


In conclusion, the Venice Carnival remains an extraordinary celebration that blends the ancient and the modern, elegance and joy, transforming the lagoon city into a magical and surreal stage.

With its fascinating masks, lavish costumes and spectacular events, the Venice Carnival continues to enchant and amaze, giving all participants an unforgettable experience.

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