The month of December in Venice is a time of enchantment and festivity, where lights gracefully adorn the calli and campi, preparing the city to celebrate Christmas with a series of engaging events that span the entire municipal area.

Amidst so much beauty, five extraordinary exhibitions and museums emerge that should not be missed during this evocative season.

Free exhibitions and Museums in Venice in december

Free exhibitions and Museums in Venice in december

1. Open Doors in Venice's museums - An exploration of the acquired collections

The holiday season is the perfect time to cross the threshold of Venice's museums, where collections open to the public in a symphony of artistic beauty.

Among the gems not to be missed are the Gemma De Angelis Testa donation at the Ca' Pesaro Gallery of Modern Art and the recent remounting of Mariano Fortuny's fascinating collections in the sumptuous Palazzo of the same name.

2."Murano: Upcycling Glass" - The art of glass recycling 2

At Room Nine of the Murano Glass Museum, the exhibition "Murano: Upcycling Glass" presents forty works masterfully created by island glassmakers using recycled industrial glass.

Extraordinary works

It is an opportunity to discover how extraordinary works of art can arise from waste, thanks to the techniques of blowing, glass fusing, lampworking, grinding and beating that have made Murano craftsmanship unique in the world.

3. "Tracks" by Michele Spanghero at the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa - Journey into sound art

The Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation opens the doors of its headquarters in Palazzetto Tito to host the solo exhibition of Michele Spanghero, entitled "Tracks."

Born in Gorizia in 1979, Spanghero is considered one of the best artists of his generation in the field of sound art.

Stefano Coletto

The exhibition, carefully curated by Stefano Coletto, offers a retrospective of his works, inviting the public to dive into the depths of sound and artistic expression. The exhibition is free admission and will be accessible until Dec. 10.

4. "East-West Calligraphy"-An artistic dialogue between East and West in the Salon of the Four Gates

The Salone delle Quattro Porte, part of the Correr Museum's Pinacoteca, is hosting the striking exhibition "East-West Calligraphy."

In this exhibition, the works of Kazuaki Tanahashi, an artist, writer and Zen teacher, blend harmoniously with those of Monica Dengo, a visual artist with a solid background in Western calligraphy and book arts.

Artistic dialogue that crosses continents

An artistic dialogue that crosses continents, offering a unique perspective on the beauty of cultural diversity. The exhibition will be open to the public until Jan. 7.

5."Raghav Babbar: Layers of Life" - An autobiographical vision on display 5

The exhibition "Raghav Babbar: Layers of Life" represents Babbar's first solo exhibition organized outside London, where he currently resides and works.

Deeply autobiographical, the exhibition expresses the artist's delicate melancholy toward his homeland through a selection of his most recent works. Born in Rohtak, India, in 1997, Babbar's artistic journey masterfully interweaves his Indian heritage with painting techniques reminiscent of mid-20th-century British art.

Explore the unique marriage of cultures and styles

A valuable opportunity to explore the unique marriage of cultures and styles. The exhibition will be on view through Jan. 28.

6. "Marcel Duchamp and the Seduction of the Copy" at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection - A tribute to a master of modern art

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection proudly presents "Marcel Duchamp and the Seduction of the Copy," the first major exhibition dedicated to Duchamp, an influential and innovative figure of the 20th century and a longtime friend and advisor to American patron Peggy Guggenheim.

1911 and 1968

The exhibition offers an in-depth view through a selection of sixty works made between 1911 and 1968, from such prestigious institutions as the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.

A unique opportunity to immerse oneself in Duchamp's artistic universe. The exhibition will be open until March 18.

Free exhibitions and Museums in Venice in december: Opportunity

These extraordinary exhibitions offer an unprecedented opportunity to explore the artistic richness of Venice during the Christmas season.


Take advantage of this magical season to immerse yourself in the art, culture and innovation of La Serenissima.

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