The City of Venice has announced a major change in the rules for managing tourist groups, with a new limit of 25 people per group.

This initiative, which will take effect June 1, 2024, aims to improve the overall visitor experience and promote more sustainable tourism.

Tourist groups of 25 people in Venice: the details

Tourist groups of 25 people in Venice

The picturesque scenery of Venice, with its canals and historic monuments, attracts a significant flow of tourists each year eager to immerse themselves in its rich history and culture. However, in order to preserve harmony between visitors and residents, the City of Venice recently announced new rules for the management of tourist groups.

Specifically, it was decided to limit the number of participants to 25 people for group, with the aim of improving the overall visitor experience and promoting more sustainable tourism. This initiative, which will take effect from June 1, 2024, reveals the city's commitment to balancing the needs of tourism with respect for the daily lives of Venetians.

Balancing visitors and residents: new rules for tourist groups in Venice

Security Councillor Elisabetta Pesce stresses that these new rules are a significant step in improving the management of organized groups, with a special focus on protecting residents and promoting pedestrian mobility.

Responsible tourism: Venice imposes strict rules on tourist groups

Simone Venturini, tourism councillor, says the limitation to 25 people per group is part of a broad plan to ensure a balance between the needs of residents and visitors, also emphasizing the ban on parking in certain areas of the city.

Certification and control: Venice's new move against unlicensed tour guides

Councillor for Commerce Sebastiano Costalonga points out that in addition to improving public order, the restriction also serves to counter the presence of unauthorized tour guides. This, in turn, will ensure the certification of licensed guides, promoting more responsible and controlled tourism.

Venice: new rules for sustainable cultural tourism

Overall, with these new rules, the City of Venice aims to create a more pleasant experience for visitors, reducing the impact of large groups and promoting a more sustainable approach to cultural tourism.

Tourist groups of 25 people in Venice: Conclusion

In conclusion, the new rules imposed by the City of Venice represent a significant step toward more sustainable and conscious tourism.

By limiting the number of participants in tour groups and promoting respect for sensitive city areas, the city aims to ensure a more pleasant experience for visitors and residents alike.

The entry into force of these regulations on June 1, 2024 will provide time for industry stakeholders to adapt, thus helping to preserve the uniqueness and beauty of Venice for future generations.

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