Alessio, a passionate 20-year-old student from Venice, recently presented his outstanding "Rialto Bridge in Lego" project on the online Lego Ideas platform. The project, consisting of 3829 pieces, offers a detailed and faithful reproduction of the famous Rialto Bridge, one of the most iconic symbols of the city of Venice.

Rialto Bridge in Lego: The inspiration behind the project

Rialto Bridge in Lego

The young creator, a resident of Spinea but with strong ties to the Rialto area, explained his choice by saying, "I decided to make this project because I walk over the Rialto Bridge every day. I wanted to honor the most beautiful city in the world, in which I was lucky enough to grow up." Alessio spent several months working diligently with the "Studio2.0" program to bring the virtual prototype of the bridge to life.

From passion to details

Rialto Bridge in Lego

Hitherto specializing in "BrickHeadz" models, Alessio faced the challenge of creating a complex architectural design, with hypothetical product dimensions calculated using software: base length of 76.8 centimeters, width of 25.6 centimeters, total height of 21.4 centimeters, and a total weight of 3.5 kilos.

Support the Rialto Bridge in Lego project

The project is now open for online support, with the goal of reaching the 10,000 supporters needed for evaluation by Lego. Alessio made an impassioned plea, "I ask you to support this idea because I strongly believe that a historic monument like the Rialto Bridge deserves to become part of the Lego family."

Conclusion: a step toward realization

Rialto Bridge in Lego

The "Rialto Bridge in Lego" is not only a virtual tribute to Venice's cultural heritage, but also represents a unique opportunity for Lego enthusiasts to own a detailed replica of this iconic bridge. Supporting the project means helping turn this dream into reality and adding a unique piece to every enthusiast's Lego collection. Let's share this passion for building and make it possible to create an iconic Lego version of the Rialto Bridge.

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