During recent restoration excavations in Venice, a surprising discovery caught the attention of archaeologists: a medieval tomb located right under the floor of St. Mark's Square.

This find offers a fascinating glimpse into the buried history of the lagoon city.

Let's see what it is all about.

Tomb under St Mark's Square in Venice: an unexpected discovery

Tomb under St Mark's Square in Venice

After the church, a tomb dating back to the medieval age was also discovered.

Yes, because during the restoration works of the masegni in front of the Procuratie Vecchie, promoted by the Soprintendenza and directed by Dr. Sara Bini, a tomb containing seven skeletons and the remains of a child dating back to the early Middle Ages emerged.

This event brought interest in Venice's historical roots back to the forefront, opening a window into the buried secrets of its ancient history.

Tomb under St. Mark's Square in Venice: early excavations and afterward

Excavations conducted in the years 1885-1889 by Federico Berchet and Giacomo Boni laid the groundwork for this discovery.

Their investigations identified masonry and ancient floor levels, in part attributable to the ancient church of San Gemignano, which disappeared in the 12th century.

The recent discovery of the tomb under Piazza San Marzo in Venice adds a new chapter to the already fascinating history of this iconic place.

Tomb under St. Mark's Square in Venice: a mystery of the Middle Ages

According to the director of the excavation, Dr. Sara Bini, the bodies found probably belong to a communal tomb, a common practice in medieval times. "It was customary to reopen collective graves to bury new dead," Dr. Bini says.

"The monumental structure of the tomb suggests that the people buried may have belonged to the aristocracy of the time." This finding raises new questions about life and death in medieval Venice.

Insights and new Research

The discovery of the tomb under St. Mark's Square in Venice represents only the beginning.

Archaeologists are determined to delve deeper into the medieval origins of Venice, exploring additional excavated areas neglected by previous studies.

This effort testifies to an ongoing desire to fully understand the past of one of the world's most fascinating cities.

The roots

The tomb under St. Mark's Square in Venice is more than just an archaeological discovery; it is a fascinating window into Venice's past.

Its presence underscores the importance of preserving and studying the city's historical heritage, bearing witness to its rich and complex history through the centuries.

Tomb under St Mark's Square in Venice: conclusion

The medieval tomb beneath St. Mark's Square in Venice will remain a fascinating mystery and a focal point for scholars and visitors interested in the thousand-year history of this unique city.

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