The Venetian art scene is enriched with a new cultural gem with the opening of the new headquarters of Chinese gallery Capsule Shanghai in Venice, founded by Italian gallerist Enrico Polato in 2016.

Let's find out what it's all about.

Capsule Shanghai lands in Venice

In an unprecedented move, this is the gallery's first international venue outside China, marking a significant chapter in its history.

The opening ceremony, scheduled for Feb. 24, coincides with the start of the 60th International Art Biennale Exhibition, an iconic moment for contemporary art.

An introduction to Capsule Shanghai

Founded in 2016 by Enrico Polato, Capsule Shanghai has quickly gained recognition in the Chinese art scene for its commitment to promoting emerging Chinese and international artists.

Located in a vibrant district of Shanghai, the gallery has consistently fostered cultural exchange and dialogue between artists, collectors, and institutions.

Over the course of seven years, it has held more than forty exhibitions, participated in numerous art fairs, and helped launch the careers of a new generation of artistic talent.

Capsule Venice: A new chapter

Although its beating heart has remained in China, Capsule Shanghai now expands its boundaries with the opening of Capsule Venice, located in the spaces of the Giorgio and Armanda Marchesani Foundation in Dorsoduro.

This new project reflects the gallery's ambition to grow with its artists in an international context and to share its vision with a global audience. Leading the program in Venice will be Manuela Lietti, an experienced art critic with a solid academic background.

When We Become Us²: The first Capsule Venice exhibition

The inaugural exhibition, titled "When We Become Us²," is a tribute to the first group exhibition held in Shanghai in 2016.

Presenting works by 29 artists linked to the gallery by professional and personal relationships, this exhibition offers a broad and diverse look at Capsule's artistic program.

Conceived as an enhanced version of the original exhibition, "When We Become Us²" celebrates the identity and collaborative spirit that are at the heart of Capsule Shanghai's mission.

A new era for contemporary art

The opening of the Venetian branch of Capsule Shanghai represents an important step forward in the evolution of the international art scene.

We are witnessing a bridge spanning cultures and artistic visions, bringing together the best of Chinese and Western art in a unique and inspiring context.

With an annual program that will run in parallel with the Biennale Arte 2024, Capsule Venice promises to be a must-see destination for contemporary art lovers seeking new perspectives and inspiration.

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