In the magical atmosphere of a Venetian October, on October 8, 2023, the Grand Canal welcomed a special event: the Pink Vaporetto parade.

October Rose 2023 Venice: message of prevention

This Alilaguna vessel is committed on Pink October Mondays to visit five locations in the Metropolitan City, with the aim of spreading the message of prevention and offering free breast examinations to those in need.

Pink October 2023 Venice: the procession

Pink October 2023 Venice

The procession started from Santa Lucia Station at 11 a.m. and gracefully made its way down the Grand Canal. The undisputed star was Alilaguna's Vaporetto Rosa, followed by three dragon boats of the Donne in Rosa.

Dragon boats

These dragon boats were composed of the Mestre Pink Clover rowers, Lilt's Pink Fire, Pink Lionesses, Akea Treviso, and a special delegation of Women in Pink from Chile, who made the trip especially for this event.

What did the pink October 2023 procession in Venice include?

In addition, the procession included three boats from the Ponte dei Sartori rowing boat and a gondola, on board of which were the president of the City Council, Ermelinda Damiano, the head of the Pink Steamer project for Alilaguna, Rachele Sacco, and the president of Lilt Venice, Carlo Pianon.

October Rose 2023 Venice: who more was present at the parade?

Also present at the procession were the vice president of the Venice Murano Burano Municipality, Lorenzo Pacagnella, and a representation from AVAPO Venice.

The comments

President Damiano joyfully commented:

"We are extremely happy that all Women in Pink in the city participated in this parade this year. In particular, we are honored by the presence of the group of Women in Pink from Chile, who enthusiastically accepted our invitation.

This international participation reflects our expanding vision, as the message of prevention affects all women around the world. We want a message of hope and solidarity to women who are struggling with the disease to leave from Venice. This parade is dedicated to them and their families."

He added:

"We would like to express our gratitude to Alilaguna for providing the Vaporetto Rosa, an important symbol of this awareness campaign, to the gondoliers who participated with a gondola, and to the Ponte dei Sartori rowing company, which enthusiastically supported this meaningful message.

To see the Grand Canal tinged with pink thanks to the extraordinary strength of these women is an experience that fills the heart with joy."

He concluded thus:

"With this procession, we want to loudly proclaim that 'we are all in the same boat'."

What is Pink October?

October Rose 2023 Venice
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"Pink October" is an awareness campaign held annually in October to promote breast cancer prevention and early detection. This initiative aims to raise awareness about the importance of prevention, early detection and treatment of breast cancer, which is one of the most common types of cancer in women.

In particular

During Pink October, many activities and initiatives are organized around the world, including information campaigns, fundraising events, sporting events and cultural initiatives.

People are encouraged to wear pink, the symbolic color of the fight against breast cancer, and actively participate in the campaign to help spread awareness about this disease.

Ottobre rose 2023 is also the breast self-examination and regular screening exams

Pink October also aims to promote the importance of breast self-examination and regular screening exams, such as mammography, for early detection of breast cancer when it is most treatable.

Prevention and early detection

Prevention and early detection are key to increasing the likelihood of cure and reducing the impact of breast cancer on the lives of those affected.

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