The FAI Fall Days 2023 is an event dedicated to Italy's cultural heritage and landscape that offers the opportunity to visit places usually not accessible to the public.

14-15 October 2023

This year, these days will be held on October 14 and 15, 2023 in Venice, offering a weekend of exploring the art, culture, and history of Italy.

Hundreds of places in Italy will be available to visit, including historic palaces, villas, churches, castles, museums, art collections, archaeological areas, libraries and more, with volunteer guides and experts on hand.

Let's now see what there is to visit in Venice during the FAI Fall Days 2023.

Fai Fall Days 2023 Venice:

The FAI Fall Days are an extraordinary opportunity to experience an authentic immersion in the history and beauty of Italy, allowing visitors to explore places rich in charm and cultural significance.

The FAI Autumn Days constitute a major cultural event in Italy, held annually in the fall.

During these extraordinary days, volunteers passionate about history and culture provide guides and explanations, offering visitors a unique opportunity to explore historic palaces, villas, churches, castles and many other cultural wonders scattered throughout Italy.

What are "FAI Fall Days?"

The FAI Autumn Days are an event organized by the Fund for the Italian Environment (FAI) held annually in Italy.

FAI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the country's cultural, artistic and landscape heritage.

The FAI Fall Days constitute one of FAI's main initiatives.

Days of history

These days are a weekend during which many of Italy's cultural and historical wonders, which are often inaccessible to the public or open only on certain occasions, are opened to the public.

The event offers visitors the opportunity

The event offers visitors the opportunity to explore extraordinary places such as historic palaces, villas, churches, castles, museums, art collections, archaeological areas, libraries and more.

During FAI Fall Days, volunteers and experts are present to guide visitors and provide information about each place.

It is a unique opportunity to discover and appreciate Italy's rich cultural and landscape heritage, thus contributing to its preservation and enhancement.

Cultural events: Love, art and history

This event is very popular among lovers of art, culture and history, as well as those who wish to discover special and lesser-known places in Italy.

FAI Fall Days 2023 Venice

Fai Fall Days 2023 Venice
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These are some of the fascinating places you can visit in Venice during FAI Fall Days 2023, a unique opportunity to explore the city's rich historical and artistic heritage.

Church of Sant'Isepo:

The Church of Sant'Isepo, located in the Castello sestiere, is a spectacular church founded in 1512. Inside, you can admire frescoes by artists such as Palma the Younger, Jacopo and Domenico Tintoretto.

One of the highlights of the church is the mausoleum of Doge Marino Grimani and his wife, Dogaressa Morosina Morosini, which is a true work of art.

Cloister of San Zaccaria:

The Cloister of San Zaccaria is located near St. Mark's Square and is housed inside the provincial headquarters of the Carabinieri.

This monastery, dating back to 829, is one of the oldest in Venice and is said to still be inhabited by a ghost, according to a local legend.

Negozio Olivetti:

The Negozio Olivetti, located in St. Mark's Square in the heart of Venice, was founded in 1957 and was chosen by Adriano Olivetti as a representative location for his company.

The design of this space was entrusted to Carlo Scarpa, a Venetian, with the goal of creating a modern exhibition space, rather than just a store.

Scuola Grande di San Marco:

The Scuola Grande di San Marco is a Renaissance building located in Campo San Giovanni e Paolo in Venice. It was originally the headquarters of the confraternity of St. Mark, founded in 1260.

Inside, you can admire frescoes painted by artists such as Giovanni Bellini and Jacopo Tintoretto. Today, the building serves as the main entrance to the Civil Hospital SS. John and Paul.

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