New hotels in Venice 2024? Yes! Venice, the picturesque lagoon city so beloved by tourists from around the world, is experiencing a renaissance in its hotel sector.

With the tightening of rules regarding the transformation of existing buildings into new hotels since 2017, the city has faced a unique challenge.

But this has not prevented the development of new initiatives in the hospitality sector. We explore the latest developments shaping the landscape of new Venetian hotels.

New hotels in Venice: ambitious projects and major transformations

New hotels in Venice 2024

One of the most significant additions to the Venice hotel scene is the opening of the new Nolinski hotel in 2023.

This luxurious five-star hotel, part of the French Evok Group, has transformed the former Venice Chamber of Commerce into a refined, state-of-the-art facility.

Featuring 43 rooms, a cocktail bar with an extensive library, and a prestigious restaurant, the Nolinski hotel has quickly become a favorite destination for discerning travelers who want a luxury experience in Venice.

Another ambitious project is the reopening of the Bauer hotel, an iconic historic structure near San Marco.

Purchased by Austrian company SIGNA prime selection, the Bauer hotel has been closed since 2022 for renovations.

With plans to offer 120 rooms, half of which will be suites, along with a presidential suite and a range of high-quality services, this renovation promises to breathe new life into one of Venice's most prestigious hotels.

In parallel, other properties are undergoing significant transformations. The Residenza Grünwald, an appendage of the Hotel Bauer, is about to become a luxury apartment complex, offering a new accommodation option for those seeking long-term residence in the lagoon city.

New hotels in Venice 2024: The role of international hotel chains

Similarly, the Gabrielli Hotel, located in one of the most charming areas of Venice, is undergoing a complete renovation to offer its guests a combination of traditional elegance and modern comforts.

In addition, the renowned Italian group Starhotels recently leased the Gabrielli hotel, confirming the growing interest of international hotel chains in the Venetian market.

Finally, the planned opening of the Hampton by Hilton in Tronchetto, with its 324 rooms and a range of high-quality amenities, underscores the continued attractiveness of Venice for investment in the hotel industry.

New hotels in Venice 2024

New hotels in Venice 2024? You got that right!

The year 2024 looks to be an exciting time for Venice's hotel industry, with new openings, renovations, and transformations confirming the city's role as one of the world's most desirable destinations. With a unique blend of historic charm and contemporary luxury, these new hotels promise to provide unforgettable experiences for visitors to Venice.

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