New beds University Venice? Yes! The increase in university residences in Venice is important news that represents a significant step toward higher education accessibility for deserving students in financial need.

This initiative was recently reported by VeneziaToday and highlights the efforts of institutions and nonprofit organizations in providing affordable housing opportunities for college students.

In this rewrite

In this rewrite, we will take a closer look at this development, providing details and contextualizing it within the higher education landscape in Venice.

Increase in University residences in Venice

As part of the 2023/2024 academic year, 101 new beds have been made available in university residences in Venice. These accommodations are intended for deserving students in financial need and are located at the Camplus Venezia Santa Marta university residence.

New Beds University Venice: this initiative

New Beds University Venice
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This initiative was made possible through a collaboration between the Camplus Foundation and the University Right to Study Company.

Conditions and accessible rates

Assigned students will have the opportunity to use these beds for a period of ten months. The rooms are double and the monthly cost is 306 euro.

Rates include

Rates include all expenses, routine and extraordinary maintenance services, as well as access to facilities such as the gym, study rooms, and a 24-hour front desk service.

Next Generation EU and National Recovery and Resilience Plan

This initiative is part of measures funded by the Next Generation EU program, as part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRP).

A commitment to deserving students

Esu Venice President Piergiovanni Sorato stressed the importance of this collaboration with Camplus to strengthen services available to university students, particularly those who demonstrate merit but are in financial difficulty.

Artiche 34 of the Constitution

This initiative is in line with Article 34 of the Constitution, which stresses the importance of ensuring access to education for all.

High quality of education

The provision of beds at affordable rates makes Venice even more attractive nationally and internationally, not only because of the high quality of education offered by universities, but also because of the services dedicated to students.

News Beds University Venice: Conclusion

The announcement of the addition of 101 new beds in Venice University residence halls is a step forward in ensuring that deserving students with limited financial resources have access to affordable housing during their college education.

Facilitate education

This initiative is a tangible example of the commitment of institutions and nonprofit organizations to facilitating higher education for all.

The collaboration

The collaboration between the Camplus Foundation and the University Right to Study Company is a step in the right direction, and offers an encouraging prospect for students in Venice and beyond.

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