Isabelle Huppert president of the jury Mostra Cinema Venezia: yes!

Anticipation for the 81st Venice Film Festival, scheduled for Aug. 28 to Sept. 7, is fueled by the news of Isabelle Huppert's appointment as jury president.

This announcement comes just before the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, where another prominent figure, Greta Gerwig, will lead the main competition jury.

An emblematic leadership choice: Isabelle Huppert leads the jury panel

Isabelle Huppert president of the jury Mostra Cinema Venezia

Huppert, an icon of international cinema, will be at the helm of the group charged with awarding the Golden Lion during the Festival's closing ceremony.

Her appointment underscores the importance of having such a respected and influential figure leading the decision-making process within the prestigious Venetian event.

A comment on the power of Cinema: Huppert exposes her vision

In commenting on her new role, Huppert expressed her belief in the power of cinema as a tool for exploration and discovery.

She emphasized the importance of embracing the diversity of perspectives and ideas represented in the world of cinema, thus highlighting her inclusive and open vision.

Isabelle Huppert president of the jury Mostra Cinema Venezia: An icon of world Cinema. The artistic baggage of Isabelle Huppert

The choice of Huppert as jury president was widely applauded due to her rich history in the film world.

With two Volpi Cups and a special Golden Lion already in her repertoire of awards, Huppert emerges as an iconic and respected figure who embodies artistic excellence and dedication to the seventh art.

A deep connection with Venice: Huppert and her history with the Festival

Huppert shared her deep connection with the Venice Film Festival, recalling significant moments in her career related to the event. Her constant presence over the years has helped solidify her relationship with the Venetian audience, which has welcomed her with enthusiasm and admiration.

A career tribute of excellence: Huppert's recognition in the pantheon of Cinema

Alberto Barbera, director of the Venice Film Festival, praised Huppert as an actress of extraordinary talent and generosity.

Her acceptance of the role of jury president was seen as a tribute to her distinguished career and continued dedication to cinema over the years.

A visionary approach: Huppert and her vision for the exhibition

Huppert's appointment also represents an opportunity to introduce new perspectives and ideas to the Venice Film Festival.

Her visionary approach and extensive experience in the world of international cinema promise to further enrich the prestigious Venetian event.

A decision welcomed with enthusiasm: The consensus around huppert's nomination

The decision to appoint Huppert as jury president was enthusiastically received by the international film community.

Her impeccable reputation and commitment to the art of filmmaking make her a natural choice to lead the jury of such an important and influential event.

The 81st Venice Film Festival promises to be an event of extraordinary importance

With Isabelle Huppert leading the jury, the 81st Venice Film Festival promises to be an event of extraordinary prominence in the international film scene.

Its leadership, coupled with the diversity and artistic excellence represented by the films in competition, make this edition a must-see for film lovers around the world.

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