The world of public relations is preparing to welcome an unprecedented event: the tenth edition of the InspiringPR Festival lands in Venice on May 18, 2024 at the evocative setting of the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista.

Organized by the FERPI Triveneto Delegation in collaboration with Uniferpi Padua and Gorizia, this event is bound to astonish and inspire thanks to an innovative new formula involving ten prominent speakers, each dedicated to a key concept.

Festival InspiringPR 2024 Venezia: An eclectic lineup of speakers

Festival InspiringPR 2024 Venezia

From management experts to comic book authors, from engineers and sociologists to digital communication specialists, the InspiringPR 2024 Venice Festival brings together a diverse range of thinkers and innovators.

Ten internationally renowned speakers will bring ten key concepts to the forefront: Responsibility, Welcoming, Intelligences, Attention, Curiosity, Imagination, Hope, Perspective, Generosity and Authenticity.

Each word will be interpreted by a prominent speaker, each committed to offering a unique and thought-provoking perspective on the assigned topic.

From Paolo D'Anselmi to Luca Raffaelli, from Matteo Tonoli to Rossella Scalone, from Mapi Danna to Andreina Contessa, from Giulia Galliano Sacchetto to Luca Vescovi, and finally to Paola Zanotto and Audace Sailing Team, the eclecticism and diversity of perspectives promise to enrich the debate and offer viewers an in-depth look at crucial issues in public relations and contemporary society.

Festival InspiringPR 2024 Venezia: New formula to celebrate 10th anniversary

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the InspiringPR 2024 Venice festival, organizers have introduced a new format, abandoning the traditional single theme in favor of ten keywords, each assigned to an outstanding speaker.

This innovative formula allows a wider range of concepts to be explored in depth and to engage a variety of perspectives and disciplines.

News and previews

Among the most anticipated new features of this edition are nominations from public administrations and numerous communications companies and businesses from all over Italy.

In addition, the three winners of the Award, a recognition reserved for the most significant exponents of the public relations sector, will be announced during the awards ceremony.

Attend the InspiringPR 2024 Venice Festival

Access to this unmissable event is open to all interested. Tickets are available for purchase online at the official website, with prices starting at just 22 euros.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of a unique day of knowledge, inspiration and sharing of innovative ideas.

Attending the InspiringPR Festival means not only being part of an inspiring and engaging event, but also having the opportunity to celebrate excellence in the field of public relations.

The winners of the InspiringPR Award and the “It's Digital, Beauty!” graduation prize will be announced during a special ceremony, adding an extra layer of excitement and significance to the event.

InspiringPR Festival 2024 Venice: what is expected

The InspiringPR 2024 Festival in Venice promises to be an extraordinary event, capable of leaving a lasting imprint on the contemporary public relations and culture landscape.

Don't miss your chance to be part of this unique and immersive experience.

Celebrating excellence in public relations

The InspiringPR Festival is not only an opportunity to explore new ideas and trends in public relations, but also to recognize and celebrate excellence in the field. On Saturday, May 18, in conjunction with the main event, the winners of two prestigious awards will be announced: the InspiringPR Award and the “It's Digital, Beauty!” graduation award.

The InspiringPR Award: Inspiration in Action

The InspiringPR Award, in collaboration with partner BAT Italy, is dedicated to the public relations campaign that has particularly distinguished itself for its inspirational power.

This award aims to celebrate initiatives that have been able to convey meaningful messages and engage audiences in an effective and exciting way.

With a focus on innovation and originality, the InspiringPR Award is a tribute to creativity and commitment in the field of public relations.

“It's Digital, Beauty!” Degree Award: In Memory of Adriana Ripandelli

In addition, the fourth edition of the “It's Digital, Beauty!” degree award, dedicated to the memory of Adriana Ripandelli, Chief Operating Officer & Head of Digital at Mindshare Italia, will be presented.

Organized in collaboration with the family and Mindshare Italia, this award is for students at Italian universities and aims to recognize the most innovative dissertations in the field of digital communication.

This tribute to Adriana Ripandelli, a leading figure in the digital sector, is an opportunity to enhance emerging talent and promote innovation in the academic landscape.

Festival InspiringPR 2024 Venezia: Conclusion

The InspiringPR 2024 Festival in Venice promises to be a unique and memorable experience, enriched by the presence of prominent speakers, compelling themes and prestigious awards.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this celebration of inspiration, innovation and excellence in the world of public relations.

Buy your tickets now and prepare to be transported on a journey of discovery and inspiration at the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista on May 18, 2024.

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