Welcome to Venice, the city of art, canals and unique atmosphere!

From December 8 to 15, the Culture Sector of the City of Venice has prepared a fascinating itinerary of events embracing different art forms.

Let's find out what this intense and engaging week has to offer!

Exploring Venice: A week of events and culture from December 8 to 15, 2023

Cultural events from December 8 to 15 2023 in Venice

Toniolo Theater

The stage of the Toniolo Theater will be brought to life by the fantastic TROCKS!

Les Ballets Trockadero De Montecarlo, a male dance company with an irreverent touch, will perform for the first time Dec. 15-17.

An unmissable opportunity to experience the magic of dance with a unique spirit.

And for the theatrical festivities, Dec. 26 brings "Sleeping Beauty," while on Dec. 31 and Jan. 1, the "Gran Galà du Cirque" will light up the stage with performances that will enchant young and old alike.

Groggia Theater

On Dec. 8, get ready to immerse yourself in "Christmas Dreams" with a show dedicated to the little ones, inspired by Charles Dickens' classic "A Christmas Carol."

A sweet interlude in the heart of the holiday season.

Candiani Center

For music lovers, "Fare Musica 2023" is the right event. From December 8 to 10, the Candiani Center will host the third edition of the meeting with Italian jazz labels, with three concerts and an exhibition exploring the contemporary music scene.

Momo Theater

The Momo Theater offers a unique opportunity: open registration for the new "Theater+" theater workshop, to be held from January to June.

An engaging experience that promises to be rich in creativity.

And scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 10, is "The Punctilious Females," a social satire comedy that paints the contrast between the nobility and the bourgeoisie.

Park Theater

If you love comedy, don't miss the stand-up billboard "On Your Feet. The Power of Words."

On Thursday, Dec. 14, The Samsoni will take the stage with the show "A Temporary Dream."

And youTHeater's grand finale, "Entrée," will close the cultural week on Friday, Dec. 15, presenting the original play "La Scimmia" by Giuliana Musso.

Venice Cinema Circuit

The Venice Cinema Circuit promises excitement Dec. 7-13 with titles such as "A Stroke of Luck," "Evil Doesn't Exist," "Suddenly I'm Getting Married on Christmas" and "Take Flight."

And the adventure continues with "Napoleon," "There's Still Tomorrow" and "Palazzina LAF."

What to do and see in Venice, more tips:

Caffè Florian:

A tip for culture lovers is to visit Caffè Florian in St. Mark's Square, the perfect place to discuss the shows you've just seen and enjoy a unique atmosphere.

Art galleries:

Discover the fascinating art galleries scattered throughout the city, each with its own collection of works that tell the story and beauty of Venice.

Venetian food:

End the evening with dinner at local restaurants, savoring typical Venetian dishes such as cicchetti or a delicious risotto with squid ink.

Grand Canal:

Relax by taking an evening stroll along the Grand Canal, enjoying the lights reflecting on the water and the breathtaking architecture that characterizes this city.

Trip to the Islands:

Take advantage of your stay for a trip to nearby islands, such as Murano with its renowned glass works or Burano with its colorful houses.

Free events:

Don't forget to check out free events, such as musical performances in the square or poetry readings in the parks, for an immersion in culture at no extra cost.

Christmas markets:

As the holidays arrive, explore Venice's picturesque Christmas markets, where you can find unique gifts and soak in the magical atmosphere.

Traditional ferries:

Experience an authentic experience by taking one of the traditional Venetian ferries to cross the canals, admiring the city from a different perspective.

Doge's Palace:

Take time to visit the majestic Doge's Palace, an architectural and historical masterpiece that reveals the secrets of the Republic of Venice.

Bridge of Sighs:

End your visit by crossing the striking Bridge of Sighs at sunset, letting yourself be captivated by the legend that surrounds this iconic Venetian structure.

Concluding the Cultural Journey to Venice

Venice is not only a city of canals and gondolas, but a vibrant cultural center that continues to offer unique experiences.

This week is an extraordinary opportunity

This week is an extraordinary opportunity to savor art in all its forms and immerse yourself in the enchanted atmosphere of this timeless city. Enjoy every moment and be inspired by the beauty of Venice!

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