Venice, one of the most fascinating cities in the world, has an access fee system that requires the attention and understanding of its residents.

However, there are several exemptions and reservation methods that make the experience easier for those residing in the Metropolitan City and other municipalities in the Veneto region. Let's see what Venice ticket exemptions are and who can have them.

So, to the question "can you have a Venice ticket exemption?", the answer is "yes." Let's find out in the next few lines.

Venice ticket exemption: for whom?

Venice ticket exemption

Exemption for residents

Residents of the Metropolitan City and other localities in the Veneto region enjoy exemption from paying the Venice access fee.

But it is necessary to follow an online booking procedure to obtain an access QR Code. This code becomes essential to facilitate entry without incurring any cost.

Minority island and other exemptions

For the year 2024, some special exemptions have been established. Minor islands, including Venice Lido, Pellestrina, Murano, Burano, Torcello, Sant'Erasmo, and others, are excluded from paying the access fee.

What's more, those who transit Piazzale Roma, Tronchetto, or Stazione Marittima without accessing the ancient city are not required to pay the fee.

Categories excluded from payment but with mandatory reservation

Several categories of people are exempt from paying the fee but must still make reservations online on the days they plan to travel to the historic center of Venice.

Non-resident property owners: They must register on the platform to obtain a QR Code valid throughout the year, provided they are current with their Imu payment.

Casual workers: Those who need to travel to the ancient city for work reasons must book themselves by indicating the dates of their attendance.

Students and commuting workers: Students with a permanent place of operation in the ancient city, as well as commuting workers, are exempt from payment, but must register to obtain a QR Code valid for a continuous period.

Exemptions without reservation

Certain categories of people are completely exempt from paying the fee and do not need a reservation. These include:

Residents and those born in Venice: They can prove their status by showing ID and are exempt from both the fee and reservation.

Sojourning tourists: Tourists staying in facilities in the Municipality of Venice are exempt from the fee.

Temporary residents and residents of the Veneto region: These categories of people do not incur any fees for access to Venice.

Children under 14: Children under the age of 14 are exempt from paying the fee.

Persons with certified disabilities and accompanying persons: Those with certified disabilities and their accompanying persons are exempt from the fee.

Medical needs: Those in need of medical examination or treatment are exempt from payment.

Companions of hospital patients: Companions or visitors of hospital patients are exempt from the fee.

Athletes for Coni sporting events: Athletes who participate in Coni sporting events in the ancient city do not have to pay the fee.

Renters, spouses, relatives up to the third degree: These categories of people are exempt from paying the contribution.

People visiting residents in the ancient city: Those visiting residents in the ancient city are exempt from the fee.

Who can have the Venice ticket exemption: Conclusion

Navigating through the exemption and reservation procedures may seem complex, but by carefully following the directions provided, Venetians can enjoy their beloved city without incurring excessive expenses.

It is important to stay informed about the rules in place and adhere to the established procedures to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience in Venice.

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