In the Venetian night, a unique magic was unleashed, illuminated not only by the classic lanterns of the gondoliers, but by five thousand headlamps, carried by as many participants in the evocative Venice Night Trail.

The event, which took place on April 6, 2024, transformed the calli and canals of Venice into a stage of unparalleled sport, culture and beauty.

Venice Night Trail: A combination of sports and venetian enchantment

Organized by Venice Marathon, the Venice Night Trail was an unforgettable experience for both athletes and spectators.

Running through the ancient streets of the Serenissima, illuminating them with one's stride and headlamps, was a unique way to experience the city in a magical and evocative atmosphere.

The route: 16 Kilometers of wonder

Participants tackled a sixteen-kilometer route, crossing no less than 51 bridges and passing through some of the most iconic places in Venice, from the striking Arsenale to the majestic Piazza San Marco.

It was an opportunity not only to test their physical abilities, but also to immerse themselves in the beauty of Venice's historic center at night, when the lights and shadows create a unique atmosphere.

Venice Night Trail: Local winners, atmosphere of collective victory

Although participants came from different parts of the world, it was local athletes who excelled. Giacomo Esposito, originally from Treviso, and Francesca Tonin, from Belluno, took the victory, proving once again the sporting talent of the Veneto region.

However, at the finish line, the atmosphere was one of collective joy and celebration, with all participants helping to make the event an outstanding success.

Venice Night Trail: Conclusions

The Venice Night Trail was not just a sports competition, but an experience that combined the spirit of athletics with the enchantment of the lagoon city.

Five thousand lights illuminated not only the streets of Venice, but also the hearts of those who had the privilege of participating in this unforgettable event.

And as the night gave way to dawn, the memory of this magical race will remain alive in the memories of all those who took part in the Venice Night Trail 2024.

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