Welcome to Venice, a unique city of unparalleled history, culture and beauty.

If you feel a little lost among the Venetian canals and calli, don't worry!

We have prepared for you a comprehensive guide that will take you through the issues that define this fascinating city. With Venice in numbers.

Venice in numbers: The city on the water

Venice in numbers

Venice is an enchanting city that sits on no less than 124 islands, intertwined by 178 rios and canals.

The Grand Canal, the majestic main channel, stretches 3247 meters, cutting the city in two and spanned by 4 iconic bridges: the Rialto, dell'Accademia, degli Scalzi and della Costituzione.

In addition to these, there are 434 other bridges connecting different parts of the city, some made of stone, others of iron and wood.

Venice in numbers: In the heart of Venice

Venice in numbers

Walking through the Venetian calli, you will discover more than 7 million masegni, the trachyte slabs from the Euganean Hills that make up the typical pavement.

Look up and admire the 170 bell towers soaring into the sky, marking time and providing landmarks for residents and visitors alike.

And don't forget to notice the more than 2,000 wells scattered around the city, evidence of a time when they were essential to the supply of drinking water.

Venice in Numbers: A summary

Venice in numbers

To give further numerical perspective on Venice, here is a summary of key information:

124 Islands: The city of Venice is composed of an intricate set of 124 islands that form the city's unique architecture.

178 rios and canals: These islands are connected by a network of 178 rios and canals, creating a navigable labyrinth that defines the essence of Venice.

3247 meters: Length of the Grand Canal, Venice's main canal, which bisects the city and houses four distinctive bridges.

438 bridges: In addition to the Grand Canal, there are 438 bridges connecting different parts of the city, offering a unique way to traverse Venice's canals and calli.

7 million masegni: There are over 7 million trachyte slabs that make up the Venetian pavement, providing a solid foundation for walks through the city.

170 bell towers: Venice is dotted with 170 bell towers, which offer spectacular views of the city and also serve as important landmarks for residents and visitors.

2,000 Wells: These historic wells, once essential for the supply of drinking water, are still present in the city, albeit in smaller numbers than in the past.

Beyond the numbers

But Venice is not just about its impressive numbers.

There is a unique and indescribable atmosphere that envelops the city, a sense of magic that can be felt as you stroll through its calli and canals.

And then there is its delicious culinary tradition, with delicious dishes that will leave you speechless.

Art and culture

Venice is renowned for its rich artistic and cultural history.

With more than 50 museums, including the Accademia Gallery and the Doge's Palace, the city offers an incredible variety of artwork, from Renaissance masterpieces to contemporary works.

Don't miss a chance to visit the Venice Biennale, one of the most important contemporary art exhibitions in the world, held every two years and attracting artists and visitors from all over the world.

Events and festivals

Venice is famous for its unique festivals and celebrations.

The Venice Carnival, with its elaborate masks and masquerade parties, is known worldwide and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

But it is not the only event not to be missed: during the Venice Film Festival, the city comes alive with international stars and top film screenings, while during the Festa del Redentore, Venetians gather to celebrate with fireworks and outdoor dinners along the Grand Canal.

Unique experiences

To fully experience the essence of Venice, consider taking a gondola ride along its romantic canals or a vaporetto ride to admire the city from the water.

For those who like adventure, exploring less touristy neighborhoods such as Cannaregio or Castello can reveal hidden and authentic corners of the city.

Practical tips

Before you set off on your Venetian adventure, here are some practical tips to make your trip more enjoyable:

Comfortable shoes: Venetian calli can be uneven and bumpy, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking.

Offline map: Internet connection is not always reliable, so download an offline map of the city for easy orientation.

Bottled water: Although wells are a historical testament, tap water may not be drinkable, so always carry a bottle of water with you.

Respect for the environment: Venice is a fragile city, so try to reduce your environmental impact by avoiding littering the canals and respecting your surroundings.

Venice in numbers: Conclusion

Venice is more than just a city: it is an experience to be lived and discovered.

Through its numbers and hidden wonders, we invite you to fully immerse yourself in the unique beauty and atmosphere of this lagoon city.

Whether you are a casual visitor or a resident, Venice will never cease to enchant you with its timeless beauty.

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