The City of Venice has announced an exciting film initiative that will delight movie lovers. In November, "3-euro Tuesdays" make their return, thanks to the initiative "The Region takes you to the cinema with 3 euros."

This project

This project, born from a collaboration between the Italian Federation of Cinema d'Essai (FICE) of the Three Venetias, the Italian General Entertainment Association (AGIS) of the Three Venetias and the Veneto Region, aims to promote quality cinema and strengthen the role of cinemas as cultural places of relevance in the Veneto region.

A return not to be missed: Tuesdays at 3 euros

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Tuesdays in November are transformed into an unmissable opportunity for movie fans, thanks to "Tuesdays for 3 euros."

Throughout the month, moviegoers can enjoy a selection of film titles at the symbolic cost of only 3 euros.

Enhancing quality cinema: A multi-year project

"Tuesdays at the Cinema" is part of a successful multi-year project known as "The Veneto Region for Quality Cinema," organized with great commitment by FICE of the Three Venetias, AGIS of the Three Venetias and the Veneto Region.

This project aims to give resonance to high-quality cinematographic works and to consolidate the role of cinemas as places of cultural importance in the Veneto region.

Auteur works for €3: November specials

Every Tuesday in November, cinephiles will be able to go to FICE member cinemas in the seven provinces of the Veneto region to enjoy auteur works, often alternatives to the big commercial circuits, at the incredibly reduced cost of only 3 euros. This exceptional initiative also includes Circuito Cinema Venezia theaters.

First Tuesday programming

The first date is set for Tuesday, November 7, and the following works will be screened at 3 euros in Circuito Cinema Venezia theaters:

"L'ultima volta che siamo stati bambini" by Claudio Bisio:

an engaging tale set in Rome in 1943 that explores the friendship between four children from different backgrounds in a delicate historical period.

"Jeanne Du Barry - The King's Favorite" by Maïwenn:

loosely based on the life of Jeanne du Barry, Louis XV's last mistress at the court of Versailles, with screenings also in the original subtitled version.

"Asteroid City" by Wes Anderson:

a compelling story set at a site in the Nevada desert, famous for its crater after the impact of a giant asteroid, where several stories intertwine, with screenings also in the original subtitled version.

"Manodopera - Interdit Aux Chiens et Aux Italien" by Alain Ughetto

a stop motion film that deals with Italian emigration to France in a poetic and personal way.

Venice cinema: Unmissable opportunity

The €3 cinema in Venice in November is an unmissable opportunity for moviegoers of all ages.

This special initiative not only offers a selection of high-quality films at an affordable cost, but also helps to preserve and promote cultural and cinematic diversity.

Special initiative

The movie theaters involved in this project are crucial cultural spaces that serve as meeting places for the local community and offer a cross-section of stories and cultures from around the world.

This is an extraordinary way to support independent cinema and auteur works, which often struggle to reach the general public.


Participating in this initiative not only provides an evening of entertainment at affordable prices but also helps keep film traditions alive and preserve the richness of film culture in the region.


The initiative "The Region takes you to the cinema with 3 euros" represents an extraordinary opportunity for film lovers to enjoy high-quality cinematographic works at an extremely affordable cost.

This project, supported by the City of Venice and leading cultural organizations, aims to enhance art-house cinema and keep cinemas alive as cultural landmarks in the Veneto region.

Don't miss November's "Tuesdays at 3 euros," a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of art-house cinema at an incredibly affordable price.

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