While marvelous pictures of the Carnival celebrations were being spread throughout the world, people began to see another kind of pictures and videos. They show the Venice canal drought.

We have been reading many kinds of articles in the newspaper. Venice Canals run dry and Venetians cannot navigate the lagoon any more, as there is no water in the canals.

In this article, we would like to analyze the reasons behind this phenomenon. Because, as strange as it may seem, the Venice canal drought is not due only to climate change.

Venice canal drought: the reasons behind this phenomenon

venice canal drought
Noisytoot, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Western Europe is facing a dry winter weather. In many countries, like France, it hasn't been raining for months. The temperatures are so mild that even the little snow that has fallen on the top of the mountains has already melted down.

It would be a normal situation if we have been writing  this article in the middle of the summer. However we are at the end of the winter. Anyone could tell that we are experiencing one of the greatest drought ever.

So, it could be logical to think that the Venice canals drought is also related to the high temperatures and to the absence of rains and snowfalls.

However, the reasons behind the unusually low tides are more than just one.

1. The water deficit in the northern Italy

First of all, during summer 2022, we have experienced one of the toughest droughts in the last 70 years.

Italy's longest river, the Po river, has 61% less water than it should have during this time of the year. You have to consider that it usually rains a lot during Autumn and Winter. However, the rain is scarce and the country's agricultural production is suffering a lot.

So, one of the reasons behind these low tides is related to the mild temperatures and the absence of precipitation.

Hopefully, as per the latest weather forecasts, we are expecting rain and snow in the last days of February/ first days of March.

2. The high pressure system

As we have seen in our articles, in order to have high tides it is necessary a low pressure system insisting on the sea currents in the upper part of the Adriatic Sea.

However, we have been experimenting with a very long high pressure system which is not letting the tide rise.

3. The full moon

Next full moon will be on March 6th.

Usually, during the full moon, the tide rises and the phenomenon of the acqua alta occurs (however, we have seen that it is more a combination of conditions, rather than something related only to the full moon).

Venice canals run dry: one of the worst drought ever

The images of the canals running dry is worrying everyone in Venice and in the rest of the world.

Environmental groups are also trying to make the Italian institutions facing this major problem of our decades.

Will we be able to face the consequences of our actions? Or will we make our lifestyle change? We'll see..

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