The Venice Boat Show has established itself as a benchmark for sustainable event management, obtaining the prestigious ISO 20121:2012 certification for the fifth consecutive edition.

This certification attests to the organization's constant and concrete commitment to promoting sustainability, making the Show an internationally recognized model of excellence.

The Venice Boat Show: an ongoing commitment since the first edition

The Venice Boat Show

Since 2019, the year of its first edition, the Venice Boat Show, organized by Vela Spa, has made sustainability a fundamental pillar of its management. This commitment was confirmed once again with the presentation of the certification plaque to Fabrizio D'Oria, Operations Director of Vela Spa, by the certification body RINA SpA.

The ceremony was attended by Luigi Bottos, Head of ESG Product Management at RINA, Alberto Bozzo, commercial director of the show, and representatives of the city administration.

The Venice Boat Show: sustainability as a mission

“Our commitment to sustainability is constant and is a crucial goal for a city like Venice, which aspires to become the sustainability capital of the world,” said Fabrizio D'Oria.

The importance of sustainability for Venice cannot be underestimated, considering the fragility of the lagoon ecosystem and the environmental challenges the city faces on a daily basis.

The Boat Show fits into this context as an event that not only attracts enthusiasts and industry professionals, but also actively contributes to the promotion of environmentally friendly practices.

The Venice Boat Show: recognition and pride for the city administration

The Councillor for Budget stressed that obtaining ISO 20121:2012 certification is a source of pride not only for Vela Spa, but also for the Avm Group and the entire municipal administration.

“The Boat Show is not only a fascinating event for visitors, but it is also an officially recognized model of sustainable excellence,” he said. This recognition is the result of a choral work involving all stakeholders, from local institutions to exhibitors and suppliers.

A sustainable future for yachting

The Venice Boat Show continues to distinguish itself as an example of excellence in organizing sustainable events in the yachting industry. The event not only promotes the sustainable development of the area, but also promotes maritime culture and environmental awareness among visitors.

ISO 20121:2012 certification is another step toward a future where sustainability becomes the norm rather than the exception.

Final thoughts

The Venice Boat Show remains at the forefront of sustainable event management, setting the stage for a model that other events can follow.

With unwavering commitment and a clear vision, the Show not only celebrates the beauty of boating, but does so while respecting and protecting the environment.

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