An extraordinary work, charged with spirituality and beauty, has made its entrance into the magical setting of Venice: the Passion of Christ, created by Sicilian artisan Francesco Bonvissuto, floats gracefully on the waters of the Venetian canals, carrying with it a message of faith and art.

Let's find out all about the Passion of the Christ in Venice.

Passion of Christ Venice in brief

Venice, a city of magic and suggestion, enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of an extraordinary work, a bearer of deep spirituality and undeniable beauty: the Passion of Christ.

Francesco Bonvissuto

Masterfully crafted by Sicilian artisan Francesco Bonvissuto, this breathtaking depiction of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ has become an unparalleled attraction, floating gracefully on the tranquil Venetian canals, giving its visitors an unforgettable experience of emotion and reflection.

The Passion of the Christ Venice: the details

The beating heart of this extraordinary experience is in Cannaregio, one of Venice's most authentic and evocative sestieri, where the Passion of Christ has found a temporary home, masterfully anchored to the Guglie Bridge.

On the majestic boat of the renowned Venetian firm Brussa is Boat, Bonvissuto's work stands proudly, capturing the gaze of passersby with its vivid scenes and deep spirituality.

The reflections

The glare of the water, the reflections of the sunset and the evocative atmosphere of the canals amplify the emotional impact of this unique experience, transporting viewers to a dimension of contemplation and wonder, where time seems to stand still and the soul finds peace.

The Passion of Christ Venice: a journey of discovery and reflection

The arrival of the Passion of Christ in Venice is not only an artistic event, but also an opportunity to reflect on the deep connection between faith and culture that characterizes the thousand-year history of the lagoon city.

Through art and spirituality, this extraordinary work invites visitors to immerse themselves in the traditions and values that have shaped Venetian identity over the centuries.

The experience

The experience of the Passion of Christ thus becomes a journey of discovery and reflection, a moment of encounter between history and contemporaneity, between the sacredness and beauty of art, where the past merges with the present to illuminate the future.

The commitment of the Municipality

The patronage of the City of Venice and the active support of the religious community, represented by Don Gianmatteo Caputo, rector of the shrine of Lucia, made it possible to anchor this extraordinary work in the city's picturesque canals.

The collaboration between civil and religious institutions testifies to the importance of preserving and promoting the cultural and spiritual heritage of Venice for future generations.

The project

This project thus becomes a symbol of unity and common commitment to the enhancement of culture and spirituality, nurturing dialogue and sharing between different realities of the city, where diversity is seen as a richness to be cherished and celebrated.

The Passion of Christ in Venice: next steps

But the adventure of The Passion of the Christ Venice does not stop here. Soon the opera will also be transferred to the beating hearts of Rialto and St. Mark's, offering an even wider audience the opportunity to immerse themselves in this extraordinary performance.

Be prepared to be carried away by the emotions and beauty of this spiritual journey through the canals of Venice.

This is an invitation open to all who wish to have a unique experience, a moment of communion and sharing, in which the beauty of art and the depth of spirituality blend harmoniously, leaving an indelible imprint in the hearts of anyone lucky enough to participate.

Be prepared to be enraptured by the magnificence of this spectacle, ready to transform every soul and uplift every heart.


The arrival of The Passion of the Christ in Venice is a moment of great significance, underscoring the ongoing cultural and spiritual dynamism of the lagoon city, which manages to blend tradition and innovation into a single experience.

This extraordinary work, through its vivid depictions of the life and death of Jesus Christ, offers viewers a unique perspective to reflect on their own faith and spirituality.

The anchorage in Cannaregio, with the unique landscape of the Venetian canals as a backdrop, creates a magical and engaging atmosphere that invites viewers to fully immerse themselves in the work.

The support of the City of Venice and the religious community underscores the importance of this event not only from an artistic point of view, but also from a cultural and social point of view.

With the next planned move to Rialto and St. Mark's, the work will have the opportunity to reach an even wider audience, spreading its message of hope and reconciliation.

This project is a true example of collaboration and sharing, demonstrating how art and spirituality can come together to create meaningful and transformative experiences.

Through the beauty and depth of its depictions, The Passion of the Christ in Venice provides a space for contemplation and introspection, allowing viewers to connect with the sacred and explore their deepest beliefs.

In an increasingly hectic and fragmented world, this experience offers a time to pause and reflect, encouraging greater understanding and tolerance among people of different faiths and cultures.

Venice, with its thousand-year history and unique atmosphere, is once again confirmed as a privileged place for the meeting of art and spirituality, offering guests an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression on their hearts and minds.

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