Let's turn the compass, heading west. What are we talking about? Clue: the buzzword of today and of every tourist walking around in the afternoon is "sunset Venice November." Here, let's find out all the places to see the sunset in Venice in November and autumn among the classic and the most sheltered ones.

So, if you dream of admiring a breathtaking sunset in Venice in November, you've come to the right place. This guide will take you through the best places to enjoy a sunset show in Venice in November, with special mention for some sheltered options ideal for the fall season.

The best places to see the sunset in Venice in November and in all seasons

sunset Venice November
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1. Piazza San Marco

St. Mark's Square represents a Venetian icon and offers a unique setting for watching the sunset in Venice in November. At this time, with fewer crowds than in the summer months, you can enjoy the sunset in a quieter atmosphere. Walk around the square admiring the surrounding architecture and the reflection of the sun in the lagoon waters.

2. The Accademia Bridge: Unforgettable photographs of the sunset Venice November

If you are a fan of art and photography, the Accademia Bridge is the right place to capture spectacular sunsets in Venice in November. The autumn light in November adds a special touch to the view, with the sun hiding behind the Venetian buildings. The view of the Grand Canal is spectacular in this month.

Sheltered places to see the sunset in Venice in November and autumn

sunset Venice November in autumn
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1. Jewish Ghetto

The Jewish Ghetto is a quiet and historic area of the city that can offer shelter from the autumn chill. Stroll through the historic streets and watch the sunset over the Cannaregio Canal in November.

2. Giardini Pubblici

The public gardens, located on the Island of Sant'Elena, offer a relaxing green area ideal for an autumn stroll. In this month, the vegetation offers spectacular landscapes with colorful leaves. Take advantage of this location to admire the sunset in Venice in November while enjoying a walk along the sea.

3. Giudecca Island

Giudecca Island is a quiet and picturesque place to explore. You can stroll along the waterfront and watch the sunset with a panoramic view of St. Mark's Square and the Grand Canal in November.

4. Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti: A cultural sunset Venice November

This historic palace offers spectacular views of the Grand Canal and is a great place to relax and watch the sunset in Venice in November in a cultural and historic atmosphere.

5. Lido Island

Lido Island is a popular destination among locals during the fall. Here you'll find wide beaches and promenades ideal for strolling and watching the sunset. It is also the island where the Venice International Film Festival is held, so you may have the opportunity to see celebrities during this time.

Sunset Venice November and autumn

Whether you choose the most famous sights or the lesser-known ones, Venice in November offers a special atmosphere that will give you an unforgettable autumn experience. Rediscover the beauty of Venice at sunset in November and take the opportunity to capture those magical moments with your camera.

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