Latest news reports High winds in Venice. The city of Venice experienced a day of passion due to the strong winds that hit the region, creating traffic chaos and causing several logistical problems.

The ring road was semi-paralyzed for hours, while trains were blocked following accidents caused by the bad weather.

Strong wind in Venice

Strong wind in Venice

Law enforcement and firefighters were called to intervene in numerous incidents, dealing with a real emergency.

Chaos on the Ring Road:

Bad weather has thrown the Venice ring road into disarray, creating severe inconvenience for commuters.

A light pole, rendered unsafe by strong wind gusts, became the protagonist of an accident that caused the closure of two carriageways, forming a queue of as much as 5 kilometers.

Urban roads became further congested throughout the day, complicating the situation for motorists and public transport.

Strong wind emergency in Venice, Fire Department Interventions:

Firefighters were called to intervene in several incidents starting the previous night. A truck, following the navigator, found itself stuck in a dirt road in Mirano, requiring the use of a crane truck to be put back on the provincial road.

Meanwhile, in Salzano, a tree was tilted by strong winds on the Venice-Bassano railway line, blocking trains and requiring the timely intervention of operators.

Strong wind emergency in Venice, Dangerous light pole and sluggish traffic:

The pylon along the ring road near the Venice Port interchange has become another problem, creating additional traffic difficulties.

Its tilt caused the closure of two carriageways, generating a long queue of vehicles that lasted for most of the day. Firefighters worked hard to resolve the situation, but traffic remained sluggish throughout the afternoon.

Strong wind emergency in Venice, Weather forecast:

The strong wind in Venice gusts that hit the city are just the beginning of a series of weather adversities. The clouds are moving away, but in their place will come frost, with temperatures dropping below freezing.

To counter the risk of frost, gritters have been put into operation to ensure the safety of the roads.


The city of Venice experienced a day of emergency due to strong winds, with the ring road and trains blocked, and numerous interventions by the Fire Department to deal with the consequences of the bad weather.

The cooperation of all the forces involved made it possible to manage the situation as best as possible, but the episode highlights the need to be prepared for weather adversity and to take preventive measures to ensure public safety.

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