The City of Venice is preparing to enrich its artistic heritage with the acquisition of the prestigious sculpture "Reina Mariana" by Manolo Valdés.

This work of art, with an estimated value of 500 thousand euros, will soon be displayed in the city as part of the exhibition "Las Meninas in San Marco.

Let's find out all about the sculpture Manolo Valdés Venezia.

Sculpture Manolo Valdés Venice: a gift from the artist

The Spanish artist showed his generosity to Venice by donating the sculpture to the city.

With no restrictions regarding its placement or use, "Reina Mariana" can be enjoyed by all citizens and visitors.

Manolo Valdés Venice sculpture: the exhibition

The official acquisition of the Manolo Valdés Venezia sculpture will take place at the end of the exhibition "Las Meninas a San Marco," scheduled from March 27 to June 16.

During this event, Venice will be transformed into a stage for art, with Valdés' works displayed in different areas of the city.

Sculpture Manolo Valdés Venice: arrangements

In addition to the donation of the sculpture, the artist signed a commercial agreement worth 122,000 euros with Vela spa through the Contini Gallery.

This further step demonstrates the importance of Valdés' work in the contemporary art world.

The creative genius

Manolo Valdés, born in Valencia in 1942, has a long and distinguished artistic career. His unique style, which blends the figurative with an informal use of material, has gained admiration worldwide.

With prestigious awards and works exhibited in the most renowned museums, Valdés continues to leave an indelible mark on the contemporary art scene.


With "Reina Mariana," Venice is enriched with another artistic jewel, a tangible symbol of the intersection of history, culture and creativity that characterizes this unique city in the world.

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