The pearl of the Adriatic, Venice, a city steeped in romance and enveloped in a magical atmosphere: what's in store for us as a couple? Romantic things to do in Venice are there and lots of them!

In this article, we will explore together the most romantic experiences this unique city in the world has to offer.

From gondolas plying the canals at sunset to evenings at the opera, we'll find out what to do as a couple in Venice, where to take your girlfriend in Veneto, and the 25 most romantic things to see.

Be captivated by the enchantment of Venice, where every corner tells a love story.

What can you do as a couple in Venice?

Romantic things to do in Venice

If you are looking for romantic experiences, Venice is the perfect place. From gondolas plying the canals at sunset to walking hand in hand through the narrow calle, the city offers a magical atmosphere.

Here are some activities to consider:

Love gondoliers

Nothing is more romantic than a gondola ride in Venice. Take a gondola at sunset for an unforgettable stroll along the canals, admiring the historic buildings reflected in the water.

Candlelight dinner

Enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the many restaurants around St. Mark's Square. The sound of water, soft lights and good food will create the perfect atmosphere.

What to do in Venice with your boyfriend?

Romantic things to do in Venice

Venice offers many opportunities to spend special moments with your fiancé. Here are some ideas:

Vaporetto ride

For a unique perspective of the city, take a vaporetto along the Grand Canal. You'll find romantic views and can admire the historic bridges that connect the various islands.

Visit the Gardens

Relax together in the Gardens of Venice, a green oasis of tranquility. Sip a glass of wine under a tree and enjoy the gentle sound of flowing water.

Where to take the girlfriend in Veneto?

If you want to get away from the heart of Venice a bit, the surrounding region offers equally romantic places:

Hiking in the Prosecco Hills

For a romantic experience surrounded by nature, head to the Prosecco Hills. Stroll through the vineyards, enjoy some good wine and take in the breathtaking scenery.

Trip to Verona

Just 90 minutes from Venice, Verona is the city of Romeo and Juliet. Visit Juliet's House and leave a love note on the famous wall.

What are the romantic things to do in Venice?

Venice is full of romantic experiences, but some are really not to be missed:

Evening at the Opera

Enjoy an unforgettable evening at La Fenice Opera House, one of the most prestigious theaters in the world. Art and music will create a magical atmosphere.

Dusk Walk

The narrow streets of Venice are transformed at dusk. Take a romantic walk to San Polo and Rialto, where you can enjoy a unique atmosphere.

25 things to see in Venice

Here is the list of 25 things to see in Venice as a couple:

St. Mark's Square

Basilica of San Marco

Doge's Palace

Rialto Bridge

Grand Canal

Academy Galleries

Island of Burano

Island of Murano

Frari Church

Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Venice Biennale

La Fenice Theater

Bridge of Sighs

Ca' Rezzonico

Jewish Ghetto

Great School of San Rocco

Church of San Giorgio Maggiore

Correr Museum

Goldoni Theater

Campo Santa Margherita

Grassi Palace

Querini Stampalia Foundation

Fortuny Palace

What to see in Venice that is unusual and romantic

As you explore the city, be sure to look for lesser-known but equally fascinating places:

Acqua Alta Bookshop

This bookstore is a true hidden gem, with books stacked on gondolas and crates. A unique place that offers an unusual view.

Contarini del Bovolo Staircase

A little-known architectural masterpiece, this spiral staircase will take you to a panoramic view of Venice that will leave you breathless.

Romantic things to do and see in Venice: conclusion

Venice is truly a unique city, and with the right person by your side, it becomes an unforgettable romantic experience. Explore, fall in love and create memories that will last forever.

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