Venice, with its enchanting canals and millennia-old history, is a coveted destination for travelers of all ages.

For young adventurers aged 6 to 29, there is now a special way to fully experience this unique city: the "Rolling Venice Card" from VeneziaUnica.

This discount card offers an unmissable opportunity to discover the city with complete freedom, along with special advantages on public transport, museum entrances, and affiliated commercial activities.

Rolling Venice Card: Affordable price for all young explorers

Rolling Venice Card

The admission ticket to this unique experience is incredibly affordable, set at only €6.00.

The Rolling Venice Card is designed to make exploring Venice not only exciting but also cost-effective for young travelers who want to enjoy all the city's beauty without putting a strain on their wallets.

Rolling Venice Card: Unlimited public transport and extraordinary savings

One of the main attractions of the Rolling Venice Card is privileged access to city public transportation.

By purchasing the card, young people can benefit from significant discounts on ACTV 72-hour YOUTH transport tickets, allowing unlimited use of public transportation on all urban lines, both automotive and navigation.

  • €27.00 instead of €45.00: ACTV 72-hour YOUTH Ticket
  • €34.00 instead of €52.00: ACTV 72-hour YOUTH Ticket + Marco Polo Airport Transfer (1 ride)
  • €40.00 instead of €58.00: ACTV 72-hour YOUTH Ticket + Marco Polo Airport Transfer (Round trip)

These exclusive offers not only enable free movement throughout Venice but also provide the opportunity to save significantly on transportation costs, making the Rolling Venice Card a smart investment for young travelers.

Rolling Venice Card: Benefits at affiliated businesses and Museums

Purchasing the Rolling Venice Card not only means saving on transportation but also enjoying numerous benefits at affiliated businesses and city museums.

The card offers special discounts that make exploring shops, restaurants, and cultural sites even more rewarding.

Rolling Venice Card Venezia Unica: conclusion

In summary, VeneziaUnica's Rolling Venice Card is a passport to adventure for young travelers eager to explore the magical lagoon city.

With an affordable price, convenient transportation, and exclusive advantages, this discount card is the perfect ally for those who want to experience Venice authentically, freely, and affordably.

Don't miss the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Venice with the Rolling Venice Card!

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