In the heart of the Venetian canals, a momentous event marked the beginning of a new era for innovation and intellectual property protection.

On March 19, 1474, the Most Serene Republic of Venice gave birth to the first patent system in history, opening the door to an era of unprecedented discovery and ingenuity.

This bold step turned Venice into a beacon of innovation, attracting brilliant minds from every corner of the world.

And it's time for a celebration! Let's find out all about protecting the works of Ingenuity Venice.

Celebrating 550 years of success: 'Venezia Brevetti'

Protection of intellectual works Venice

To commemorate this illustrious anniversary, Ca' Foscari University, in collaboration with the Ministry of Made in Italy Enterprises and the State Archives, organized "Venezia Brevetti 550."

This is a series of events designed to highlight the importance of protecting and enhancing industrial property in the context of innovation and economic development.

Protection of works of ingenuity Venice: the approach

One of the central aspects of this celebration is an understanding of the crucial role that intellectual property protection plays in encouraging innovation.

As pointed out by Ca' Foscari Rector Tiziana Lippiello, the Venetian patent statute represents a meeting point between academic research and business creation.

Patents not only protect ideas, but also act as catalysts for economic development, generating new job opportunities and stimulating collaboration between universities and the private sector.

Protection of intellectual works Venice: continued

Through projects such as "Venice City Campus," the city aims to attract young talent from around the world, reaffirming its role as a center of knowledge and innovation.

Not only in the historic heart of the city, but also in modern industrial districts such as Porto Marghera, ingenuity continues to be the engine of innovation.

Here, the experiments and innovations of the present are intertwined with the rich heritage of knowledge from the past, creating a fertile environment for growth and development.

Protection of intellectual works Venice: conclusion

In a world increasingly oriented toward knowledge and creativity, Venice's history reminds us that the protection of works of ingenuity is not just a matter of laws and regulations, but an essential part of the very fabric of society.

Through the protection and enhancement of intellectual property, we can ensure a bright future for innovation and human ingenuity.

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