The Grand Canal comes alive with the traditional water parade, officially kicking off the festivities. How. By starting with the Pantegana Venice Carnival. Let's find out.

Pantegana Venice Carnival: the official kick-off

Pantegana Venice Carnival

The Venice Carnival 2024 kicked off with an extraordinary spectacle: the Pantegana Regatta. The fascinating and picturesque event transformed the Grand Canal into an aquatic stage, welcoming thousands of fascinated spectators.

The explosion of the Pantegan: Symbol of the official commencement

The highlight of the inauguration was the explosion of the giant papier-mâché "Pantegana Venezia Carnevale," the official symbol of the start of the masquerade celebration.

Facing the majestic Rialto Bridge, this unique spectacle captured everyone's attention, marking the beginning of an extraordinary celebration.

Pantegana Venice Carnival: the details

Pantegana Venice Carnival

Venice's call to eespect: Words of Mayor Brugnaro

Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro stressed the importance of respect for the city, its art, culture and history.

Inviting everyone to celebrate Carnival with mutual respect, Brugnaro emphasized the crucial role of the community in preserving the essence of Venice.

Dedicated to Marco Polo: The theme of Carnival 2024

This year's central theme was dedicated to Marco Polo, the famous Venetian explorer.

Events and performances spread throughout the city, including the procession in the Grand Canal, the party in Erbaria and events along the fondamenta of Cannaregio, paid tribute to this great Venetian.

Recognitions in Erbaria: Awarding of the most unique boats

The water parade, organized with the support of the Coordinamento delle Associazioni Remiere di Voga alla Veneta, ended in Erbaria.

Here, singular and well-decorated boats were awarded in a safe event, with the participation of law enforcement.

Sustainability and tradition Along the fondamenta di Cannaregio

The celebration extended along the fondamenta of Cannaregio with a traditional food and wine route, highlighting the commitment to sustainability with the use of eco-friendly materials.

Venice Carnival street show and performances in Dese

The street show involved all ages with mimes, clowns, actors and musicians, while in Dese, parades of floats brought merriment and fun with music and confetti.

Pantegana Venezia Carnival: conclusion

Pantegana Venice Carnival

The Pantegana Venice Carnival 2024 officially kicked off with the majestic Regatta of the Pantegana, promising an atmosphere of festivity, joy and celebration that spreads through the charming calle and canals of this unique city.

Venice continues to amaze and enchant, remaining the perfect setting for one of the world's most spectacular Carnivals. The magic has just begun, and the entire city is ready to celebrate in Venetian style.

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