Next year, La Serenissima will be at the center of international attention in matters of justice, hosting the G7 Justice Venice 2024.

The news was announced with great enthusiasm by Italian Justice Minister Carlo Nordio during his trip to Washington, where he met with his U.S. counterpart, Merrick Garland, at the Justice Department.

Venice to host G7 Justice 2024

G7 Justice Venice 2024

With the official announcement of the upcoming G7 Justice Venice 2024 to be held in Venice in May, the lagoon city is preparing to be the center of international attention.

Carlo Nordio's choice

The decision to choose Venice as the venue for this important summit was strongly influenced by the Italian Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio, who has a deep connection to the city, having worked for many years in its Prosecutor's Office.

G7 Justice Venice 2024: combating synthetic drugs

The main focus of the G7 Justice Venice 2024 event will be the fight against organized crime, with special attention directed at the growing problem of synthetic drugs.

These substances, which are spreading with increasing rapidity, pose a serious threat to public health and the safety of citizens in both the United States and Italy.

G7 Justice Venice 2024: participants

The G7 Justice Venice 2024 will be attended by the justice ministers of the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

This will bring together some of the key players in the field of justice internationally, providing a unique opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and strategies to address common challenges related to organized crime.

G7 Justice Venice 2024: the role

The choice of Venice as the venue for this event is not only symbolic, but also practical.

The city offers a unique and stimulating environment to facilitate dialogue and collaboration among participants.

In addition, its rich history of legal traditions and geographical location make it an ideal place to discuss global justice and security issues.

Promoting concrete actions against organized crime

During the G7 Justice Venice 2024, ministers will explore new strategies and initiatives to effectively counter organized crime, with a particular focus on taking measures to combat synthetic drug trafficking and protect communities from the harm it causes.

G7 Justice in Venice 2024: impact

G7 Justice in Venice 2024 represents a crucial opportunity to strengthen international cooperation and promote concrete actions to counter threats from organized crime.

Under the leadership of Minister Carlo Nordio and his international colleagues, we are preparing for a meeting that could have a significant impact on the security and well-being of people around the world.

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