A major Venice weather alert is circulating.

The Veneto region is currently under the influence of a wave of bad weather of worrying proportions, which is generating severe disruptions in the region's cities, with particular emphasis on Venice and Vicenza.

Weather forecasts have triggered the activation of an alert affecting critical infrastructure, straining the response capacity of local and regional institutions.

Let's see what's happening by delving into the Venice weather alert emergency.

Venice weather alert: high water and tourists in trouble

weather alert Venice

In Venice, the situation has become critical with water rising to worrying levels, so much so that it has caused the flooding of St. Mark's Square and the need for tourists to move with difficulty through temporary walkways.

Luca Zaia

Heavy rainfall in the city further aggravated the situation, requiring prompt intervention by authorities. The president of the Veneto region, Luca Zaia, decided to cancel all his commitments to devote himself fully to monitoring the situation.

Gianpaolo Bottacin

Together with Civil Protection Councillor Gianpaolo Bottacin, he will hold an urgent press point in Marghera to provide updates and guidance to the population.

Weather alert Venice: train blocked between Vicenza and Padova

Bad weather has also caused an emergency situation in Vicenza, with the Milan-Venice railway line still disrupted.

This disruption has caused considerable inconvenience for commuters and travelers, forcing high-speed trains to divert through Bologna and regional trains to alter routes, avoiding Vicenza and using alternative routes.

Numerous bus services have been activated

To alleviate passenger inconvenience, numerous bus services have been activated, although the situation remains extremely complex.

Interventions by Civil Defense

Interventions by Civil Defense and firefighters have been crucial in dealing with flooding and damage caused by the heavy rains that have hit the area.

Emergency weather alert Venice is real: here are the measures

In Vicenza, Mayor Giacomo Possamai issued an appeal to citizens, asking them to limit travel to allow rescue teams to operate safely.

Despite the efforts of local authorities and rescue workers, the transportation situation remains critical, with rail traffic still suspended on several lines, including the crucial one between Vicenza and Padua.

Civil Defense technicians and volunteers are working tirelessly to restore normalcy as soon as possible, but maximum cooperation and patience is requested from citizens, considering the risks associated with the adverse weather conditions.

Venice weather alert: call for responsibility

Bad weather has hit the Veneto region hard, testing the resilience of its communities and infrastructure.

It is essential that the population carefully follow the instructions of the authorities and adopt responsible behavior, ensuring their own safety and that of others in a time of emergency and uncertainty.

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