In the urban artistic landscape, street art represents an authentic and vibrant expression of contemporary creativity.

However, its ephemeral nature and the fragility of the materials used pose unique challenges for the conservation and restoration of these urban art pieces.

In response to this challenge, the University Ca' Foscari of Venice has distinguished itself with a pioneering initiative aimed at promoting new diagnostic practices for the restoration of street art works.

Let's find put Ca Foscari University of venice defends street art.

Ca Foscari University of Venice defends street art

Led by Professor Francesca Izzo, the initiative took shape in Vallà, in the province of Treviso, where an interdisciplinary team of researchers and artists came together to address this complex problem.

The project, named "The Wallà," represents a unique opportunity to explore new strategies for urban conservation and regeneration through art.

Ca Foscari University of Venice defends street art: The "Wallà"

One of the main challenges in addressing street art restoration lies in the diversity of materials used by artists.

The lack of standardized procedures for dealing with spray paints and synthetic materials has made the restoration of these works particularly complex.

However, thanks to the innovative approach adopted by Ca' Foscari, new perspectives are emerging.

Ca Foscari University of Venice defends street art: the issue of street art and restoration

In the context of "The Wallà," the Collettivo BocaVerta APS association has created a dedicated village for street art, where internationally renowned artists have created extraordinary pieces.

This unique environment provides an ideal platform for the study and restoration of works, allowing researchers to closely observe the creative process and analyze the materials used.

Ca Foscari University of Venice defends street art: initiative in the province of Treviso

But "The Wallà" is not just a research laboratory; it is also an opportunity to engage the local community and raise awareness about the importance of street art conservation.

Through public events and educational workshops, the initiative aims to promote greater awareness of the cultural and artistic richness of street art works and the importance of preserving them for future generations.

Ca Foscari University of Venice defends street art: conclusion

Samuele Stocco, the secretary of the Collettivo BocaVerta APS, emphasizes the importance of this initiative, calling it a "pilot project" not only for urban regeneration but also for the conservation of outdoor mural works.

With the involvement of students and professionals, "The Wallà" promises to pave the way for new research in street art conservation and to offer innovative solutions to protect and enhance this unique artistic heritage.

In a time when urban art

In a time when urban art is increasingly threatened by degradation and oblivion, the initiative of the University Ca' Foscari of Venice represents a beacon of hope and a concrete commitment to defend and preserve street art for future generations.

With "The Wallà," the challenge of preserving and enhancing these unique works transforms into an opportunity for innovation and growth for the entire community.

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