When one speaks of Venice, the mind instinctively flies to gondolas, canals and historical monuments. However, among its calli and campi, there is a gastronomic treasure to be discovered: the Venetian pizza.

In this article, we will explore the best pizzerias in Venice, where culinary tradition blends with innovation to offer tasty and unforgettable experiences.

Best pizza in Venice

Best pizza in Venice

Whether you're a hungry traveler looking for the perfect food to recharge your energy or a foodie eager to discover the delights of local cuisine, there's a Venetian pizza ready to conquer your palate.

Discover with us the must-see places to savor the true essence of pizza in Venice.

Birraria La Corte

What is the best pizza in Venice? If you're a true taste explorer in search of the best pizza in Venice, Birraria La Corte is a must-see. Located in campo San Polo, this brewery never disappoints with its fluffy pizzas, made with stone-ground organic flours and left to rise for a full 48 hours.

The real magic, however, lies in the emphasis on the local provenance of the raw materials, guaranteeing an authentic Venetian dining experience.

And if you want to complete the sensory journey, you cannot miss the accompaniments of organic wines and locally produced craft beers. Let yourself be won over by Venetian tradition reinterpreted in an innovative way.

Pizzeria All'Anfora

What are the best pizzas in Venice? Tucked away among Venice's less crowded sestieri, Pizzeria All'Anfora offers an oasis of tranquility where you can enjoy crispy, delicious pizza.

Overlooking a romantic calle, this pizzeria offers a wide selection of epic-sized pizzas, perfect for refreshment after a day of exploring.

And if you're with friends or a line-conscious partner, you can also find delicious salads on the menu. Choose relaxation and good food, choose Pizzeria All'Anfora.

1000 Gourmet

If you are looking for a gourmet dining experience in Venice, you cannot ignore the call of 1000 Gourmet.

This pizzeria, located just steps from San Marco, will surprise you with DOP and Slow Food ingredients, expertly combined to create true gastronomic works of art.

Here pizza is served already in wedges, inviting you to share and compare with other diners on the best topping choice. Whether you prefer a classic combination or a bolder creation, 1000 Gourmet will never disappoint.


If you wish to savor the true essence of Venetian cuisine, Aciugheta is the perfect choice.

Located in a typical Venetian bàcaro, this pizzeria offers a wide selection of pizzettas prepared with organic ingredients and light, digestible doughs.

And don't forget to accompany your pizza with traditional cicchetti, such as sarde in saor and crostini with seasonal products, for a complete dining experience.

Vecia Gina

To end your journey in search of the best pizza in Venice, you cannot miss Vecia Gina.

Located in the charming Castello sestiere, this pizzeria offers not only great pizza at an affordable price, but also the opportunity to immerse yourself in the authentic Venetian atmosphere.

With a pine-shaded courtyard and friendly staff, Vecia Gina will welcome you with open arms to introduce you to the genuine flavors of Venice.

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